How to sew a lining to the dress?

Irina Belova
Irina Belova
August 17, 2014
How to sew a lining to the dress?

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How to sew a lining to the dress?

There are several ways to attach the lining to the dress. We will consider the two most popular ones - those that even the beginning dressmakers can repeat.

How to sew a lining to a transparent dress

This method is called "Hong Kong." It is ideal for dresses made of silk or guipure, because even from the inside out the seams look very aesthetic. The details of the lining at the same time cut according to the patterns of the shelf and back, but the shoulder and vertical cuts are given an additional allowance of 1.3 cm

  1. Fold the main and lining fabric with the front side facing inward.Lining to the dressCleave shoulder and vertical cuts, combining them. Sew off the chopped sections with an allowance of about 6 mm. and press the lining side allowances. Armholes and mouths are still untreated.
  2. Turn out each stitched piece and iron out so that all the folds of the lining extend beyond the edges of the main fabric at the same distance. Sections of shoulder and vertical allowances will be inside the lining.
  3. Now sew all the parts with standard 1.5 cm allowances.
  4. Sew a zipper and process the neck and armholes with an oblique piping or thin lace.

How to sew a lining to the dress with piping

In dresses of denser fabric, the neck is often treated with a turner from the base material. In this case, the details of the lining are cut out less by the width of the facing, but with standard allowances (1.5 cm).

  1. Lining to the dressSew and iron the dress from the main fabric.
  2. On the lining stitch tuck and seams, process the armhole cuts. Hem the bottom of the lining so that it is 2 cm shorter than the top dress.
  3. Combine dresses of the main and lining fabric with the wrong sides. Tuck the neck sections inward and carefully cut them in several places. Sew the lining to the backing with a secret stitch.
  4. If there is a zipper on the back, sew the lining manually at a distance of 7.5 mm. from cloves. The grommets of the lining are discreetly attached with two or three stitches to the shoulder and side seam allowances.