How to sew a tunic?

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How to sew a tunic?

Tunic will decorate the figure of any woman, adding to the silhouette of femininity and mystery. Many people do not know how to sew a tunic, and buy it at stores at exorbitant prices, while it can be made from just 2 handkerchiefs.

Sew a tunic of 2 shawls

  • For the tunic you need 2 beautiful shawls, the color range of which is chosen according to your own taste. If you wish, you can take a plain scarf or a colorful scarf. Some prefer to use the same shawls, and women of fashion stop two completely different shawls.
  • Once you have decided on the colors, you should attach them to yourself and note where the lines of the shoulders will be. Then the rest of the fabric going along the neckline will need to bend and iron. As a result, you will have an interesting turn-down collar, only on the shoulders you will need to make seams about 10-15 cm. To sew a dress - a tunic of a more original style, instead of seams it is necessary to adjust decorative buttons.
  • Now you should reapply the resulting product and try to determine the position of the side seams, which can be of different lengths, and depend on your imagination.In order for the tunic to be more free, you need to make a seam from the chest line to the waist, which will be no more than 10 cm. If you want a more closed version of the tunic, you should stitch the product from the armpit to the very thigh line. Designers recommend decorating this tunic style with a belt. After that, the product can be worn.

Tunic for the beach

Many do not know how to sew a beach tunic, thinking that it is very difficult. But this is not so, following the instructions, you will succeed and you will be proud of your product. True for this you should have at your disposal the following devices:

  • centimeter;
  • threads;
  • scissors;
  • a needle or sewing machine;
  • belt;
  • the cloth;
  • tape.

How to sew a tunic for the beach:

  • In order to sew a tunic with your own hands, you first need to take measurements. For this, it will be necessary with a centimeter with raised hands to measure the distance from the required length of the sleeve to the very center of the chest. After that, you need to multiply the result by 2, in the end you will get the width of the future thing. To determine the length you need to multiply by 2 the distance from the shoulder to the place where the tunic should end.After that you should cut the required size of the fabric and fold it in half.
  • Then you need to make a section for the head at the fold, which can be copied from any dress. For subsequent marks, you need to fold the fabric on the front part in half, which will help cut the tunic smoother.
  • Now we define the width of the sleeves and hem. For what you need to measure centimeter thighs and arms and add on both sides 2 cm for seam allowance. Then on the folded rectangle of the fabric we mark with chalk the necessary distances on the hem and sleeves. We add 3 cm to the size of the half-hips.
  • At this stage, you need to decide on the style of the tunic and fix the chosen option by drawing a chalk line from the lower border of the sleeve to the hem. Then cut off all the extra material. At this stage, it is already possible to understand that to sew a tunic itself is not so difficult.
  • Then we sew the silhouette and sleeves of the tunic, tuck in all the cut lines and wrap the seams. The opening for the head is either stitched or wrapped with beautiful tape. All tunic ready. It can be supplemented with a beautiful belt. Now you know how to sew a tunic.A video on this topic can be viewed on the Internet, perhaps from it you will get some original ideas.