How to sew letters-pillows?

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How to sew letters-pillows?

Decorative cushion, made in the shape of a letter, will decorate any children's room. In addition, such an unusual pillow can be a great gift not only for a child, but also for an adult. The pillow letter is beautiful in itself, but it will be especially interesting to look at a set of such pillows consisting of several letters that make up a word.

Do you want to please your child with pillows, from which you can fold his name? Then study our instructions, stock up with the necessary materials and get to work.

How to sew pillows letters: instruction

Materials and tools

The pillows should be quite large and plump (the optimal size is 40 x 40 cm), so for making each pillow you need two squares of fabric with a side of 45 cm. For one-and-a-half letters, such as "M", "W" or "F" , as well as the letter “D” will need not squares, but rectangles of size 45 x 55 cm.

pillow lettersFabric for the manufacture of pillows, you can use the most different, most importantly, that it was quite dense.However, here it must be said that thick flax, jeans or cotton do not drape well, so wrinkles and small folds will form in the corners of letters sewn from such fabric. All natural dense fabrics are quite difficult to handle, so an aspiring skilled worker may not cope with them.

An ideal material for sewing such pillows is a high-quality dense fleece or thick synthetic velor on a knitted basis. These fabrics are very plastic, easily take the desired shape, and their cut edges do not crumble at all. Fabric for pillows can be taken monochromatic, in a small cell or polka dot. All letters can be made in the same color and pattern, and you can experiment and pick up several types of fabric that are combined with each other.

In addition to the fabric itself, you will also need:

  • Sewing thread (preferably reinforced) in the tone of the fabric;
  • Padding for pillows is synthetic winterizer, but it is better to buy holofiber;
  • Several large sheets of cardboard or thick paper - to create patterns;
  • pillow lettersRuler;
  • Scissors;
  • Portnovsky chalk;
  • Pencil;
  • Sewing pins;
  • A rather long and thick wooden stick with a rounded end - for packing tamping;
  • Sewing needle.

Operating procedure

  1. First make the patterns of letters. For each letter, draw a square 40x40 on paper and write a letter in it. Letters do with thick walls (about 10 - 12 cm). It is better to round the corners of the letters - it will be much easier to sew and twist them. All the letters you should get smooth, with the same thickness of the walls. When you stuff them, they will look,pillow lettersas inflatable.
  2. Proceed to cutting - for each letter of the fabric, open two identical mirror details. To do this, on the inside of the first flap, lay the pattern face up and circle it with tailor's chalk, then turn the pattern face-down, place it on the wrong side of the second flap and also circle.
  3. Cut out the details - cut the fabric is not on the markup, and leave along each line of the pattern allowance for the seam of 1.5 cm.
  4. Fold the blanks of the pillows in pairs, face down.
  5. Sweep both sides of each letter along the marking line (or pin them together with sewing pins, stick them in perpendicular to the marking line).
  6. Stitch all seams along the marking lines on the sewing machine.
  7. On one long outer side of the letter, do not sew a small section (7 - 10 cm) - through it you will then turn out the letter and fill it with a filler.
  8. Turn the entire letter on the front side through the left holes, fill them with holofiber (help yourself with a wooden stick) and sew the remaining hole manually with inconspicuous small stitches. All! Your pillow letters are ready.

Note: this method is suitable for sewing letters that do not have internal closed sections. Letters such as A or, for example, Yu, are somewhat more difficult to sew - in them, part of the seams must be done manually.