How to shoot cats?

Photographing cats is not as easy as it may seem at first glance. And the owners, who love to shoot their pets, were convinced of this more than once. After all, cats do not know how to pose, unlike people, and they don’t need your pictures. But still, the Internet is replete with beautiful “koto-fotami”, how to shoot cats, so that it would not be a shame to show photos to friends, and keep the memory for many years about the pet and its growth?

Tips: how to photograph cats

  • Remove the cats in the usual conditions, as getting to an unfamiliar place, the cat is alert, behaves constrained, trying to hide. If the place of the animal is not familiar, then it is worth letting the cat get comfortable, and not start shooting immediately.
  • It is difficult to force the cat to adopt the position you need, and the effect of this may not be what you expected. In shooting cats, it is important to observe the animals, and have time to do the standing shots, change angles. And, of course, apply your imagination when shooting a cat, for example, take a picture of it during the jump.
  • Be careful with flash. Firstly, pupils will “sparkle” from its use, and secondly, a flash brings discomfort to the cat, it will constantly close its eyes, and generally quickly get tired of shooting.Therefore, when answering the question of how to photograph cats, remember to use daylight, flashlights, or external flashes (do not point them directly at the object, but rather to the side or up). In addition, the built-in flash makes the frame "flat". But when shooting black cats, direct light is still needed (pick it up with the right intensity).
  • Use the tools at hand and assistants for shooting. An assistant will always help to return the model to the location, and treats and toys will help to attract the attention of the cat.
  • Use long-focus lenses for shooting, this will allow you to be at a sufficient distance from the animal so as not to embarrass it.
  • Remove the cats at eye level, or below, it will give expressiveness of the frame.
  • Focus on the eyes of the cat.
  • Use a serial shooting, so the probability of obtaining the desired frame will be more.
  • Remove the cats with the owner, leaving him behind the scenes, or in him, to create a harmonious and interesting image.

On the street

When shooting cats on the street, it is very important to respond quickly to its movement. There will be an irreplaceable lens with a variable focal length.And besides, it is better not to take an animal outside the street, not accustomed to the street, it will be scared in the photos, and most likely, it will run away on half-bent paws.

In a studio

Let us dwell on the main points:

  • Equipment. Your choice is better to stop on long-focus lenses, suitable as a variable focal length, and "fixes".
  • Lighting. It is necessary to install drawing, fill and backlight from illumination. The latter is needed to emphasize wool. Use umbrellas and soft boxes to get diffused light and watch how the installed light is reflected in the eyes, reflections can both decorate the frame and spoil it.
  • Background. Use a contrasting background color of the coat, or a background that emphasizes the color of the cat's eyes.

At home

When shooting at home, it is convenient to use the daylight from the window, placing the model in front of the window, in addition, on a sunny day, you can get good shots of the cat on the window. And you can catch the animal for your favorite business and funny habits, getting interesting shots.

Using tips on how to photograph a cat, you can make a lot of interesting shots, but the main thing in this case is practice.