How to sleep in the summer?

Only lazy did not write about the rules of healthy and proper sleep. We will approach the issue more locally. How to sleep in the summer? And why exactly in the summer there is such a question?

Features of summer sleep

Healthy sleep is necessary for us all year round. But why is summer so remarkable? Yes, summer is hot and white nights. I do not want to sleep. Which exit? That's right, eliminate the enemies of "summer sleep."

Why does the heat prevent sleep

In a stuffy room there is little oxygen, breathing is hard, our cells are depleted. During sleep, the processes of our body slow down, the body is cooled by about a degree. Now imagine what's around the heat. The body cannot go to sleep mode.

How to sleep in the hot summer

  1. We ventilate the room for at least an hour before bedtime, it is even better not to close the window all night. Take care of the mosquito net, this is after all the season of mosquitoes, they are unlikely to help you sleep.
  2. You can spray curtains from the spray. Humidity will give more freshness. Especially true for those who have air conditioning in the room, which dries the air.
  3. Take a refreshing bath before bed. Add sea salt and a drop of essential oil of peppermint - this bath will not only refresh but also soothe. By the way, it is believed that it is a warm bath that is needed for sleep, and not a shower.The latter excites and invigorates.
  4. Choose to sleep as free and light clothes as possible. You may be comfortable sleeping without clothes. The body must breathe, and excess gum and cuffs should not interfere with blood flow.
  5. Sleep on the floor. The warm air rises, and the floor is fresh and well.
  6. Choose natural breathable fabrics for bed linen (cotton, calico, linen).
  7. And another tip for owners of long hair: collect the hair in a light bun on the top or in the braid.

Why I do not sleep on white nights

Almost all processes in our body are regulated by hormones. So sleep depends on one of them - melatonin. This hormone determines the quality of sleep and its duration. The peak of melatonin activity is approximately two in the morning, and the main condition for its synthesis and secretion is darkness.

White Nights> Melatonin Reduction> Lack of sleep - this is the simple formula for "summer insomnia." The way out is to contribute to the production of melatonin.

  1. For the summer season, hang thick curtains or blinds, imitating the night. By the way, dense burgundy or red curtains look very interesting. Barely penetrating through them, the light of the setting sun will create additional comfort and even intriguing romance.
  2. Another option - getting melatonin from the outside. For example, there are special preparations of melatonin, dietary supplements. Check their use with your doctor (making sure that insomnia is not for another reason). It is believed that a certain dose of "sleepy hormone" can be obtained with the products. Certain chemical reactions that occur during the digestion of bananas, peaches, oats, rice, and almonds lead to the synthesis of melatonin. Include these foods in your daily diet, and do not overnight. Heavy dinner is another enemy of your sleep. An overabundance of energy received from the food will tend to exit. There certainly will not be to sleep.