How to spend corporate?

Many companies today prefer to conduct corporate events outside the box, so travel to nature is very popular. He helps white-collar workers get away from their usual everyday situations and look at each other from a completely different angle. But in order for the party to be the most successful, everything must be carefully thought out and planned in advance. A few helpful tips will help to properly navigate in this matter and learn how to conduct corporate in nature.

General action plan

A big role in the preparatory process is played by the proper planning of events. It helps to avoid subsequently unpleasant surprises and unforeseen situations that could ruin any celebration. Therefore, it is advisable, armed with a pencil, to write down the answers to the following questions:

  1. What is the purpose of the event?
  2. Does he have a topic?
  3. Do you need an entertainment program?
  4. Will we overpower the organization on our own or invite professionals, third-party organizers?
  5. Who will participate in the proposed celebration?

Answers to these questions will help to understand how to organize corporate.

Location selection

Choosing a place is another important point. It depends on the reason for which employees will gather, and on the image of the company itself. An important role in the selection of a place is played by the allocated budget. Its size will allow to determine where to hold the event: in a prestigious country hotel, at a tourist base, in a restored castle, or directly in the fresh air.

As a rule, the venue often prompts the answer to the question of how to mark a corporate party, which theme to choose for a holiday.

Form of organization

After that we pay attention to the form of organization of the banquet. If the chosen place can boast of having a good restaurant, it helps to solve several important problems at once. It does not matter if there is no banquet room next to the chosen place in nature. The modern service sector offers to take advantage of the offers of catering companies. The on-site restaurant has everything in its possession: tables and chairs, canvas gazebos, beautiful serving dishes, outdoor cooking and a very varied menu.


If you chose to conduct a corporate event on your own in nature and, so to speak, “on the march”, you should decide on the following tasks:

  1. Set the date, time and place of the event.
  2. Assign a responsible group that will take over the organization, come up with an entertainment program, select the necessary style elements (if required). It is possible to distribute duties among several people. In the end, let each employee contribute.
  3. Purchase products.
  4. Come up with a program of events.
  5. Assign leading. Always someone should act as an organizer.
  6. Download music and prepare the necessary equipment.
  7. Rappreciate who will bring what (for example, barbecue, tablecloth, laptop).
  8. Prepare all for contests.
  9. Consider organizing the delivery of employees (you may want to go on their cars, or you can order a bus).

Using the indicated algorithm, it will be easy to organize a corporate party with a trip to the countryside.

Corporate Day

Even if, having approached the organization of the holiday extremely responsibly, you wrote the script for its holding, there may still be a situation when people want to “move away” from a previously prepared script.Or it may not go as fun as it was supposed to be on a piece of paper. Look at the situation - sometimes people just want to chat in a relaxed atmosphere.

You can also play "charades" or sports games (volleyball, "potatoes"). It's great if someone takes with them board games (for example, "Activity", "Monopoly", "UNO", "Svintus", etc.) Then you can arrange a disco by turning on one radio station in several machines or insert a disc in pre-prepared music center.

At the end of the event, tidy up your resting place together and take care to bring everyone back.