How to sunbathe in the sun without harm to the body

Do not go sunbathing with a full or empty stomach. The most ideal option for sunbathing - an hour after meals. The optimal time for sunbathing in the sun from 9 - 11 and from 16 - 19 hours. Do not go out in the sun between 12 - 15, you can get severe burns, the sun during this period is the most burning. Should choose the right time to stay in the sun. A good time to spend the sun 1-2 hours a day.

On the beach, be sure to take a hat with you, ideal is Panama, as it protects your eyes as well as the head. The sun adversely affects the retina. Also during the stay in the sun do not read, it also spoils the eyesight.

Do not drink cold drinks. Many people like to drink cold beer on the beach, thus they make a big mistake. Beer removes water from the body and wants to drink much more. Green tea is ideal for drinking. Doctors recommend drinking every half hour.

Body position during tanning in the sun is also important for the body. Sunbathing is best standing or sitting. If you do decide to sunbathe lying, then your head should be raised.

Two days before the opening of the beach season, it is desirable to make a full body peeling. Need to get rid of old skin as much as possible. But do not appear in the sun immediately after peeling.

Do not use lotion, deodorant or soap before going out in the sun. These products defat the skin, which can cause burns.

To protect the skin from the sun can not use glycerin and vaseline. Use sunscreen and sunblock. After sunbathing, take a warm shower and lubricate your skin with an after-sun cream.

Pay special attention to moles on the body, as these places are very easily vulnerable to the development of cancer. Large moles are recommended to stick before going out in the sun.