How to tie a hat with a rubber band?

It is easy to tie a convenient hat with your own hands, and even pleasant. She will warm and please the eye. Such a thing, made as a gift, will please more than what was bought in a store. Try to tie a hat to yourself or someone close to you. The most common cap pattern - gum. How to tie a hat with a rubber band?

English gum

Before you knit a hat, choose what type of pattern you want to get. Very effectively the product connected by an English elastic band looks. Before telling you how to tie a hat with an English rubber band, we will advise you to calculate the number of loops. To do this, measure the girth of the head. With an average thickness of the thread and a 3-4 number of needles, a little more than two loops fit in one centimeter. Accordingly, you need to multiply the girth by a factor of 2 (or more than 2) to get the number of loops. However, it would be more correct to knit a few centimeters of the sample in order to calculate the loops correctly.

It is necessary to start to knit a hat like this: alternately knitting the loops of the face, then purl.We knit the second row by drawing loops. From the third row and begins the English gum. The first loop - edge, we remove it. The second one is the front one (it should lie on the same front one), now we make a straight nakid, we just remove the next loop. We repeat again: front, nakid, removed loop. Now the front and last, edge.

Fourth row: remove the edge loop, then put on the neck, remove the next loop, and then knit two loops as one, face. Now put back, take off the next one and so on.

Fifth row: first we remove, then we knit two loops on the front, then we put on the loop, then we remove the loop. Again, two loops knit facial.

Repeat the fourth and fifth rows until you need to reduce the hinges in order to create the rounded top of the cap. To do this, we knit two loops together in each block of five loops, until 10-15 pieces remain. Then they can be pulled off by hiding the tip of the thread, and sewn a hat.

Double elastic band

The hat, connected with a double rubber band, turns out to be warm, as it has two layers at once. In order to make such a hat, you will need yarn twice as much as when knitting a similar product in another way.Usually they begin to knit a double elastic band as usual - 1 front loop, 1 - purl. And only from the second row proceed to the vyvyazyvaniya main pattern. This is done like this:

1 loop is knitted facial, the next one is removed. It is important that the thread passes before work. The next row is done in the same way: the front loop is knitted in the front, and the purl is not knitted, removed.

Further, there will be no changes in the work: the knitting is repeated. After knitting the required number of centimeters, you can begin to reduce the hinges, as described above.

Try changing the color of the thread, tying strips. Your hat will turn out unique and original.

We told how to tie a hat with a rubber band. It remains only to choose the model and type of gum. A knit hat will turn out quickly, and a lot of wool is not required for it.