How to tint hair?

Edem Cemil
Edem Cemil
December 18, 2012
How to tint hair?

All women constantly want some changes, especially their appearance. But what to do if a girl does not want to radically change her appearance, but only to make her slightly brighter, to emphasize her virtues? For example, your natural hair color can be made more spectacular by adding new shades. It is about tinting hair.

This whole procedure is quite easy, any woman can do toning at home. How to tint hair? Toning is best done "tone to tone" natural shade of hair. In addition, toning agents can provide additional hair care, and toning dyes also contain nutrients that heal the hair.

As for toning in several shades, usually women choose no more than three colors that are close to their natural color. Basically, toning is done after highlighting, so that the shade seems natural. So what is the whole process? First, focus on how to dye the hair.Color a small inconspicuous strand. So you can estimate in advance the result of dyeing and eliminate the risk of undesirable shades. Experimenting with different shades, you will know in the future, what tones you have to face. Lighter shades are not suitable for toning dark hair, you just simply do not notice the result.

How to tint hair: instructions

  1. Be sure to read the liner instructions for hair dye. It says what and how to cook. Prepare the paint for all the rules.
  2. Take a little paint on the palm and smooth movements spread over the entire length of the hair, starting from the roots and ending with the ends.
  3. For the same tone, comb your hair with a sparse tooth comb.
  4. Wait a while until the paint is absorbed into the hair, but do not overdo it (the recommended time is indicated in the paint instructions).
  5. It is advisable to wash off toning paints without shampoos Rinse your head until the water is clear.
  6. After the whole procedure, it is not recommended to apply oil-based masks on the hair, as they quickly contribute to washing out the dye.

As you can see, the process of dyeing hair with tinting paint in general is no different from dyeing ordinary paint.