How to treat a summer cold?

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    August 23 at 8:39 pm |

    In summer, I often catch a cold even more often in the fall, but I always treat myself the same way, with the first symptoms of kagocel I start drinking and eat lemons, I cut slices, soak in sugar and burst. 3-4 days of such therapy and I'm fine.

  • AvatarNatalia

    August 23 at 9:29 |

    I was very well helped to drink hot water for the night (almost almost boiling water) with a tablespoon of ground ginger. And under the duvet. But it is from the common cold and the beginning cold. But if the temperature is already ... FIG knows - but try, it will suddenly help)

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    August 23 at 7:17 |

    Correctly do that you stay in bed. In order to get rid of colds in the summer, it is necessary to create special conditions - provide yourself with plenty of drink, gargle with food salt, vitamins will not be superfluous, well, antiviral, without any way.

  • AvatarValentina Igorevna

    August 21 at 1:52 pm |

    If you want to get up quickly, then it will be appropriate to receive Kagotsel, well, and a loading dose of vitamin C. It is also necessary to remove toxins from the body, and for this you need to drink a lot. Moreover, the liquid should be warm enough but not hot.

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    On August, 19th at 16:24 |

    The main rule when treating a cold is not to carry it on your feet. Drugs for summer colds will be the same as in any other time of the year - Kagocel, paracetamol (if you need to bring the temperature down), well, vitamins to maintain the body, now they can be taken in the form of vegetables and fruits.