How to treat constipation

Menu matters

Nutritionists note that people suffering from constipation should pay close attention to their diet. So, you should exclude the use of the following foods and drinks:
- smoked meat;
- fatty meats;
- canned meat and fish;
- fatty sauces, spicy seasonings and spices;
- baked products from puff and sweet dough;
- onion, garlic, turnip, radish;
- black coffee, strong black tea;
- alcohol.
The daily menu recommended by nutritionists looks like this. Breakfast: clean filtered water - 1 cup, juicy fresh fruit, oatmeal (in that order, or add fruit to porridge). If constipation is strong and long lasting, add a large dish of finely chopped apples and cabbage.
Lunch: a cup of vegetable or chicken broth, vegetables, steamed, weak tea. For prolonged constipation with pain: mix 1 tbsp in a cup. natural honey, 2 tbsp. Oatmeal, 2 apples, grated on a fine grater, 1 tbsp. crushed nuts, juice of half a lemon and 2 tbsp. mineral water without gas.Let it be your only dining dish (you can drink water without restrictions).
Dinner: a glass of water half an hour before meals, a salad of greens and leafy vegetables, seasoned with vegetable oil, steamed vegetables, cottage cheese. It is very important to chew food thoroughly, this will facilitate the work of the gastrointestinal tract.

Gymnastics for constipation

Gymnastics is better to do on an empty stomach, 30-40 minutes before meals. Start by walking on the spot. Then do side bends, forward, backward with a maximum amplitude. After this - twisting the body to the side. In the supine position (alternately on each side), alternately on the exhale, bend and inhale, unbend the knees. In the supine position, transfer the right right leg to the left side of the body, and the left straight leg to the right.
In the prone position: hands under the shoulders (emphasis on the palm); without taking your hands off the floor, get on all fours, return to the starting position. Repeat several times, then in the same position (lying on the stomach) alternately lift straight legs up. The time of gymnastics and the frequency of repetitions determine for yourself.

Folk remedies for the treatment of constipation

Every morning, start with a glass of clean water and a tablespoon of a mixture of minced nuts and dried fruits - dried apricots, prunes, raisins with the addition of natural honey (the ratio of ingredients can be arbitrary). And finish the day with a glass of kefir, in which a teaspoon of mashed boiled beets is added.
In chronic constipation, flax seed helps well, prepared as follows: 1 tsp. flaxseed pour in the evening with a glass of boiling water, put in a preheated oven, hold for 15-20 minutes, then turn off the heat, cover the glass with a towel without getting out of the oven, close the door and leave until morning. In the morning, drink the resulting napar. If the seeds are pre-crushed, you can drink straight with the seeds.
Buy wheat bran without flavors and other additives in the store. Pour 1 tsp. product with a glass of boiling water, cover with a napkin and leave for half an hour. Drink a glass with food 3-4 times a day for several days until your stool becomes normal.
In Russia, constipation with buckthorn bark has long been treated. Brew a tablespoon of chopped bark with a glass of hot water and hold it in a water bath for half an hour.Cool, strain carefully, add boiled water to the same volume and drink half a glass in the morning and evening.