How to treat varicocele folk remedies

What is varicocele?

Varicocele is a varicose dilatation and a change in the veins of the uviform plexus located around the male testicle. Most often, the disease occurs on the left side, because it is in this area that there are prerequisites that develop pathology (the spermatic vein passes at right angles to the renal vein). The cause of varicocele can be a congenital weakness of the vascular wall, increased pressure in the veins of the scrotum or pelvis.
Among the symptoms of the disease, the following should be noted: dilated veins in the scrotum, its omission or increase, reduced testicle size, pain during sexual arousal and physical exertion.

Traditional methods of treatment of varicocele

Treatment of varicocele folk remedies requires a careful and serious approach. Before this, you should consult with your doctor and accurately follow the instructions of a specialist to avoid serious consequences. It is better to use recipes of traditional medicine along with the main treatment.
Prepare herbal infusion at home, which will help cleanse the body, improve the condition of blood vessels and get rid of varicocele. To do this, chop and mix in equal proportions: medicinal verbena and bearberry, meadow meadow, flowers of white acacia, medunitsu, parsley, dandelion root, horsetail, shoots and leaves of raspberry, knotweed. Two tablespoons of herb collection pour half a liter of boiling water, close the lid and leave in a thermos for an hour. Then strain the infusion and take 40-50 milliliters twice a day.
A great effect for the normalization of the general condition is provided by therapeutic baths before bedtime. Take a pound of oak, willow and chestnut branches. Fold into a suitable container and fill them with boiled water, cook on low heat for 30 minutes. Add to the cooked broth 200 grams of chamomile, marsh dried marigolds and a string, leave overnight. Then strain the infusion and pour into the bath. The temperature of the water in the bath should be 40 degrees. Take within half an hour. In a short time, the condition will improve significantly.
Grind to a kasoobrazny state fresh heads and leaves of silver wormwood. Add a tablespoon of natural cow's milk or sour cream to the ground mass, mix.Apply the prepared composition to a gauze bandage and apply to the affected area, hold for forty minutes. The course of treatment is five days, then take a three-day break and repeat the course.
If the disease has reached the second or third degree, it is recommended to perform a massage. Lie on a flat surface and slightly raise your pelvis. Gently massage the affected area, not too soft, but not too strong, to avoid pain.