How to update Nod32 locally

First prepare the base itself for the update. They should be downloaded from a friend, colleague directly from the folder with the updated antivirus. Although it is better to use another way - to write to a disk or USB flash drive in an Internet club, at work, that is, where Internet access is available.
Open a search engine page in any convenient browser. Enter the phrase "offline nod32 database" in the search bar. This option is the most convenient and simple. When the download is complete, copy the folder with the databases for the antivirus to your USB flash drive.
So, you already have a fresh database, copy them to your computer. When copying, create a folder on disk D with any name of Latin characters, such as UPDATE. Unzip your updates to it.
Now configure the antivirus to update from the folder. Open the main Nod32 window. Double-click on the program icon near the clock in the lower right corner of the screen. Select "Settings". The program parameters window will open. Click on the “Updates” menu; it is located in the column on the left. The right side will show the details of this item.
Find the line that says "Update Server" and the "Edit" button to the right. Click this button and select the folder where you saved the database (UPDATE). Then click the inscription "Add" and at the bottom of the window. The path to your folder, that is, D: \ UPDATE, will appear under the heading "List of update servers". Confirm your choice by clicking on "OK", and again "OK" in the program settings window. Leave the “Username” and “Password” fields blank - they are not used during a local update.
In the main window of the program, click the "Update" or "Update" button. If you did everything correctly, the progress bar of the anti-virus database update will appear.
If you have an old version of Nod32, it is better to download and install the latest version of the program. Since the updates should be designed specifically for your version of the antivirus, and for the old Nod 32 new databases are not easy to find.