How to use Webasto?

After purchasing a new car and finding the engine heating system “Webasto” on it, many motorists are lost: what to do with it, how to use Webasto? Let's figure it out. As with any automotive equipment, the main "hint" on the operation of "Webasto" - instruction manual. Its requirements are standard: do not expose the heater or any of its components to mechanical stress, immersion in a liquid, exposure to electric discharges, corrosive substances, moist air (95% or more), high temperatures (85 ° C and above).

In order to avoid suffocation or poisoning, it is not recommended to use the heater in closed rooms, for example, in garages, in the absence of exhaust ventilation in them. This can not be done even with a remote control system or a programmable timer. The heater should be turned off near grain, coal and fuel depots, as well as at gas stations and other places where the formation of combustible vapors and dust is possible. In case of unusual noises,the smell of fuel or strong smoke from the heater installation must be blocked, removing the fuse, and then sent to the service.

Fuel for "Webasto" should be used only indicated on the nameplate. Both the fuel and the additives to the heater should be selected in accordance with GOST, especially when operating the installation at low temperatures. The coolant in the circuit must be at the level prescribed by the manufacturer and at least contain 20% of the antifreeze allowed by the same manufacturer. Once a month, the heater should be started for 10 minutes with the minimum fan power and a cold engine. It is also recommended once a year (best of all - before the start of the heating season) to check "Webasto" on the service.

How to enable "Webasto"

It is undesirable to turn on the heater in a row several times for a total period of more than 1 hour, as this may lead to the discharge of the battery. To prevent this from happening, after turning off the heater, the engine should work at least the same time as “Webasto” or longer. The heater is controlled by a remote system “Telestart” or a timer (depending on the configuration).The manufacturer has provided the work of the heater in the winter mode (heating) and in the summer (ventilation). In winter mode, the engine coolant is heated in the engine cooling system. The Webasto circulation pump pumps fluid through the radiator and engine cooling circuit, while the control unit automatically starts the interior heater fan. In summer mode, the heating and pumping of the coolant is not performed, only the heating system fan is turned on, as a result of which the cabin is ventilated.

How to run Webasto for the first time

Initially, the manufacturer sets "Webasto" in the heating mode. If the heater is in this mode, before connecting it, the heating system of the car should be set to “heat”. With a three-stage fan of the heating system, its controller should be set to the first division, with a four-stage fan to the second. With smooth power control, the fan control is set to 1/3.