How does washing a vacuum cleaner?

Galina Uneasy
Galina Uneasy
April 19, 2013
How does washing a vacuum cleaner?

Washing vacuum cleaners belong to a separate category of equipment, which allows not only to carry out wet cleaning of premises, but also to wash windows and clean upholstered furniture. They are simply indispensable where pets live, children, especially in multi-room apartments, cottages, etc.

As you know, at the heart of the work of any technology are certain principles. Also, this or that technique may have its own characteristics of operation. Therefore, it is necessary for you to figure out how to wash a washing vacuum cleaner, how to clean an apartment with it, for which surfaces of the room it is best to use, so as not to cause unnecessary problems. It is also important to know which surfaces are generally forbidden to be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.

Principle of operation

Usually, all washing vacuum cleaners have two containers, one of which is filled with water just before cleaning. In the process, the water from the tank through the hose enters under pressure in the nozzle and is evenly distributed over the desired surface area,which should be cleaned. Then the same, but dirty water is returned back to the vacuum cleaner, getting into the second tank through special channels. This is the principle of operation of the washing vacuum cleaner.

It should also be noted that in most cases this technique cleans the air well with the help of a specially provided filter, sometimes not even one.

Features of operation

Some surfaces of the premises do not like moisture, so they should not be cleaned with a washing vacuum cleaner. It is parquet, laminate (without special coating), carpet. This is explained by the fact that water can fall into the space between the boards and the junction of the parts of the coating. Gradually, the material will soften and deteriorate. Therefore, before finding out how a washing vacuum cleaner works, you should pay attention to the nature of the surfaces on which it will be used.

You should also add the following: you can clean your vacuum cleaner well with tile, latex carpets, stone floors, textiles.

Room cleaning

Before you begin cleaning, you must assemble the vacuum cleaner according to the manufacturer's instructions. Next, you need to pour water into one of the tanks of the vacuum cleaner.You can pour water with the recommended detergent. Then, if it is a carpet, you must first vacuum it without using water to remove most of the dirt. And then the turn will come for such an important event as the work of a washing vacuum cleaner. It can be used for wet cleaning of the carpet or other surface. After cleaning it is necessary to dry everything that was cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.

If it is necessary to clean the upholstered furniture, then you should put the appropriate nozzle and choose the mode of minimum water supply.