How to wash the paint from the hair?

Experiments with hair dyeing are not always successful, so girls begin to think about how to wash the paint off the hair. You can apply for this procedure in the salon, but most often women wash off the paint yourself.

To wash off the paint in various ways, and for this it is enough to use the improvised means. Traditional methods of washing the paint have been tested by more than one generation of women who even know how to wash black paint from their hair.

Although washing the paint in the salons is quite effective, since it uses chemical reagents, it is still better to use household methods. Chemical agents adversely affect hair, drying it out and making it brittle.

We wash away paint by means of kefir

Kefir is a great way not only to wash the dye from the hair, but also to strengthen it and make it more moisturized. In order to wash the paint from the hair, it is necessary to make kefir masks.

The first method of washing the paint off the hair involves the use of a liter of kefir.Try to take the fattest kefir you can find. Pour it into a bowl and add one spoonful of vegetable oil, any one will suit: sunflower, rapeseed, olive. Also add a tablespoon of salt and mix thoroughly. Apply the mixture to dry hair and put on a plastic cap. After an hour, gently rinse the kefir. If you want to lighten your hair even more, wash the hair with shampoo after the first application of kefir, and then repeat the procedure. It is recommended to wash the paint off the hair in this way no more than twice a day twice a month. Kefir will help you lighten your hair in several tones.

You can also take two glasses of the fattest kefir that you will find, and add to it three tablespoons of vodka and two tablespoons of soda. Stir the mixture thoroughly and heat it in a water bath to about forty degrees. Apply the mixture to hair and wrap head cellophane. After two hours, gently rinse the kefir. During the application of this mask, you may experience discomfort - vodka will slightly pinch your scalp. It's not scary, but with a strong tingling it is better to wash your hair before.

Kefir can be used simply as a mask for hair, without adding anything to it. This way you will give extra nutrition to your hair and moisturize it.

Wash off paint with soda

Most often, girls wonder how to wash the black paint from the hair.

Try to remember what your grandmothers and mothers used to scrub complex stains? Most likely, it was a soda. If necessary, wash off the paint, it is also quite effective, and for many it is more accessible than other components. Soda is considered one of the soft and safe scrubs, so it is often used in cosmetology. However, experts do not recommend to get involved in soda, so as not to harm the skin. There are many ways to wash paint with hair soda, but the most effective are only two, which we describe to you.

  • To prepare a solution of soda you need to take it in the amount of 10 spoons (owners of long hair need to take twice as much), add a glass of water and mix thoroughly. Important: the water should not be hot, otherwise the soda will lose its effectiveness. Add a teaspoon of salt to the mixture, then gently spread the mixture over the entire length of the hair using a cotton swab. After that, remember the hair, rub it and twist it into small bunches.After forty minutes, wash the soda with warm running water, then wash your hair with shampoo.
  • The second method of preparation of the solution is a little easier. Mix 5 tablespoons of soda with a small amount of water and wet the hair with this solution. Wrap your head in polyethylene and do not remove it for 20 minutes. After that, wash your hair with soap or shampoo, after which you can repeat the procedure. Doing it more than twice is not recommended.

Be prepared for the fact that after washing off the paint with soda, your hair will grow faster, as soda improves blood supply to the scalp. For girls with dry skin, brittle hair and dandruff, it is better not to use this method in order not to harm the hair.

How to wash the paint from the hair with the help of oil

As mentioned above, the methods described may not be suitable for some girls. But what to do if you still need to wash off the paint, but at the same time you are afraid for your hair? Specialists most often use oil. If you ask them how to wash the black dye from their hair, they will certainly advise you this way. You can use any oil, but it is best to pay attention to the hypoallergenicoptions.

To wash off the paint, take a glass of vegetable oil and add about thirty grams of fat to it. If there is no fat, you can use margarine. Heat this mixture in a water bath to a temperature that is pleasant for you. Using the hair brush, apply the mixture to the hair. After half an hour, thoroughly wash off the mask with shampoo. To enhance the effect of it, you can wrap the hair in cellophane, while the mask is still on them.

If you want to not only wash off the paint, but also to improve the condition of your hair, mix in equal proportions sunflower, castor and olive oil. Add a little moisturizer to the oils, for example, the one you use for the hands. Heat the mixture in a water bath to about room temperature, then distribute it through the hair. Wrap them in cellophane and wash off after about half an hour. You can significantly enhance the effect by heating the hair with a hairdryer. If possible, use not very hot air so that the oil does not flow down the hair. This mask will not only help you remove the paint from the hair, but also improve their condition.