How to wear stylish down jackets?

Things oversize is not new to the fashion world. Wide t-shirts with dangling shoulders, jeans-boyfriends and dresses-sweaters have long won the love of millions of mods around the world. Such clothes are uniquely created for comfort in contrast to the stiffening office dress code and tight silhouettes.

When it was time to warm up, the designers, obviously inspired by the constant desire to wrap themselves in a warm blanket during the cold season, decided to please everyone with an unusual novelty - super voluminous down jackets.

Cozy clothes

The classic model of the down jacket-blankets really resembles such a native and pleasant piece of bed linen. Usually there are no fasteners, and their function is performed by a belt. That is, every time there is an opportunity to wrap up and tuck in parts of this piece of clothing in a new way.

But the love for such clothes turned out to be so strong that the designers did not spare their strength and created entire collections with a variety of cut, fabrics, decorations and decor.

But in order to look winter in such a voluminous coat, stylishly and not ridiculously, it is worth remembering a few simple rules:

  • The first and main question that interests all fashionistas - who would suit such outerwear? Winning it will be on tall, slender girls. Those whom nature has bestowed with low growth and outstanding volumes, it is better to refuse this novelty.
  • What is the bottom? It all depends solely on your imagination and style. An excellent tandem is created by down-padded jackets with stylish hoodie, elongated knitted sweaters, biker shirts.

Short models open up for everyone to see, so you have a great opportunity to demonstrate an acquired midi-skirt of asymmetrical cut or fashionable culottes of bright shade. Actual at all times option - ordinary jeans.

  • What shod? The best shoes for such a coat or jacket are boots with massive soles. And if you are a happy owner of a car, then you can easily afford to put on shoes.

But girls who prefer a more conservative style, do not get upset. Fashion has long been a democratic one, so wide-heeled shoes, and even jackboots, will be a good option.

  • Accessories.By itself, a down jacket-blanket is already a rather complex element of the wardrobe. Therefore, it is desirable to select accessories as concise as possible. It is better if the hat and gloves are simple and monotonous, and the bag is not overloaded with a large number of decor and accessories.

Now you know how and, most importantly, what to wear voluminous coats and jackets, which means you can safely go in search of your ideal model. In such clothes you just will not be cold, because under the bottom you can always wear another jacket.

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