How to write a fairy tale?

Want to be surrounded by miracles? And do you agree to create magic? Then become a good storyteller! And if you do not know how to write a fairy tale, this article was created especially for you!

Where to start a fairy tale

Invent characters for your fairy tale: good and evil, the main characters and secondary. Think over their features, "highlight". There are no halftones in the fairy tale: the world is divided into black and white, good and bad. And the main character should definitely cause sympathy, even if he is a fool, like Ivan or lazy, like Emelya. A hero can be anyone and anything - here opens a full scope for fantasy. Remember your first fairy tales: "Kolobok", "Ryaba Chicken", "Turnip". Characters can be pozateylive, as in the modern fabulous work. You can create your own author, no one else like a hero! Actually, it is with its definition, some characteristics begins the plot of the tale. "Who, where, when he lived" - you can follow this pattern.

Tips for creating a fairy tale

Calm notes are replaced by intriguing ones: some unexpected event happens,from which bright, incredible adventures with miracles, transformations, magical objects begin for the main character! The main part of the tale is devoted to this narration. The hero performs tasks, overcomes obstacles. And with this help his friends - magic assistants (a classic example - the Humpbacked Horse) help him. But the tale can be more relaxed, while remaining instructive and wise. For example, in the children's fairy tale "Teremok", in fact, there are no adventures. But the tale teaches us friendship, help, responsiveness, and also hard work: together you can move mountains or build a new tower. But if you want your story to be listened to, with your mouth open, get ready for an intricate plot with a chase, with miracles. At some point it becomes scary, and then fun. The hero may be in the balance from death, but living water will come to the rescue, or a faithful helper will be right there: the fairy-tale hero does not burn in the fire and does not sink in the water.

In order to write a fairy tale correctly, use stylistic techniques: triple repetitions, exaggerations (hyperbole), contrasts (antithesis: “big and small”, “fat and thin”) and, of course, decorating definitions (epithets: “wise”, “beautiful ").This creates a traditional fairy-tale atmosphere and allows characterizing the characters.

The tale is not written with the words, not with the syllable that a regular composition. And just because it is read in one breath. And still easy to remember!

Voltage point

In any fairy tale, sooner or later the most tense moment occurs - the climax, when good and evil directly collide or when the hero faces the most serious ordeal. But no matter what happens to his lot, good invariably triumphs over evil. This is perhaps the most important fairy law. This is stated in the denouement: "And they began to live, to be happy, but to make good," or "And they lived happily ever after" - the traditional, successful, fabulous endings. You can not put the final point in your fairy tale (open finale), give everyone to speculate how it can end. Or maybe your tale will be continued?

We hope you have decided on how to write an essay - a fairy tale, and soon you will be able to please the little readers with a new story. And if you can still create illustrations, design your creation, there will be no price for your fairy tale! Creative success and inspiration!