How to write songs?

Probably, every person in life has a moment when he is inspired and wants to make songs. For some, a few guitar chords are enough - and the words will flow themselves, adding to rhymes. Others approach this issue more professionally, wanting to create a real piece of music. Before embarking on the birth of a masterpiece, you should learn how to write songs and what this process involves.

The process of creating a song

To write a beautiful and high-quality song, you need to go through several stages.

Writing lyrics and music

To say what should be at the beginning, text or music, is very difficult, because both have the right to be first. It happens that music is superimposed on the lyrics of the song, and vice versa, words are composed for a beautiful melody. We can say that the song has both dad and mom. He is the author of words and the composer, sometimes these roles are united in the person of one person.

Suppose the author and the composer are working together on the creation of a song. Their task is to make the union of words and music harmonious and perceived as a whole.This task is not easy, so sometimes on the stage you can hear just rhymed sentences, devoid of any meaning. This song sneaks to the depths of the soul, it involves our thoughts, feelings and emotions.

There are several options for how to create a song. The first is to write the words and music independently (if there is a certain talent), the second is to ask friends and acquaintances with these abilities, the third is to turn to professionals - poets and composers, or to special agencies (it will require substantial financial investments). If you plan to create a commercial product, then ultimately all costs will pay off. More guarantees in this will give the availability of competent producer.

Layout of text and music

Provided that there is the lyrics of the song and music, the next stage in the work on the creation of a beautiful work begins - it is necessary that they ideally fit each other. To do this, the layout of text and music - the assembly of individual parts into a single system, or in other words, their structuring in a holistic object, in this case - a piece of music.

In the process, the resulting audio material can be cut,you can glue, slow down or, conversely, speed up the reproduction of any of its parts; you can also change the key, directing it up or down in the right place. Interesting material on this topic can be found in the article How to write music.


The musical arrangement involves the preparation and adaptation of the song to perform it in a form different from the original. A new material can be added, the introductory or final part is changed, sometimes the song gets a lighter version compared to the original. Even the musicians themselves in the course of the performance of the composition can make its arrangement, improvising and on the move changing the style or style of performance.

If all these stages seemed to be difficult for you, and the song is needed quality and promising to become a hit, then you can resort to such a service in the music market as a turnkey song.

What is a "turnkey song"

If you are going to start climbing the musical Olympus, you need to acquire at least one professionally written song. She will become the calling card of a young performer and will attract good producers who are ready to invest money in the emerging star of show business.

In order not to run around in search of a good author and composer, and then not look for someone who will bring the musical work to mind, you can contact specialized companies that provide comprehensive services for creating songs.

The work includes several stages:

  1. The idea and direction of the song, its style, genre and manner of performance are discussed with the future performer.
  2. Text and music are written (only experienced poets and composers are in the staff of such agencies). If there is material of your own composition, you can use it by making the necessary adjustments.
  3. The text is checked for the presence of the correct rhyme and rhythm.
  4. A full musical accompaniment is being developed; if necessary, live instruments are recorded.
  5. The vocal is recorded in the studio after preliminary preparation by the performer of his party.
  6. Performed tuning and processing vocals, the same work is carried out for solo instruments. This is followed by mixing and mastering (the last stage of processing the composition before writing it to disk).
  7. The final stage consists of placing the finished recording on a CD.The concept and design of the disc are developed by the customer.

This is how a turnkey song is created - a professional and competitive product that will surely attract attention and achieve its goal - will affect the soul and heart of the audience.