How we made a corner of the needlewoman from the old cabinet


Having your own workshop is the dream of any needlewoman. But what about those who still have this dream - there is little space in the house, there is no opportunity to purchase furniture and. etc.

After various fabrics, threads and other hamster stocks for needlework began to accumulate on all the free horizontal surfaces in the house, I had my own corner and my dream, and my husband fully supported me.

A cabinet with shelves from the old Soviet wall remained from the previous owners in our house, we attached it on the veranda, but there was no need for it there, and it just stood there, only interfered. And one day, after clearing all my riches, I had an idea that I want to share with you today.

So, we will need

1. Cupboard with shelves(in the photo view of the cabinet, lying on its side).

2. Self-adhesive wallpaper.

3. Jig saw or wood hacksaw.

4. Furniture corners.

5. Self-tapping screws.

6. Screwdriver or screwdriver.

7. Husband.

First of all, we disassembled the cabinet, unscrewed all the extra bolts and screws, then planned out the entire structure of the future corner, drew a plan and started to assemble the cabinet.

At first we assembled the main part with shelves, the shelves were fastened to the furniture metal corners with the help of screws and a screwdriver. One side of the cabinet became the table top, and the second, sawn into two parts, became upper shelves (you can see in the photo - they are with a tabletop of the same width. We added the partition in the center where it was originally, and we still have four shelves. Now two shelves are attached on one half of the structure at the same distance, leaving a gap from the floor (so that it is convenient to tidy up). We nail the fiberboard to the back wall (it is possible without fiberboard, it is optional). The two remaining shelves became an additional table for the sewing machine, we zack we sawed the corners between each other and for durability we fixed the board under the tabletop.We have sufficiently wide skirting boards, therefore, to make the table fit tightly to the wall, we saw off the corners below.

Here's what we got:

And now the transformation: we thoroughly clean our corner of dust and carefully glue the self-adhesive wallpaper, we have them gray, slightly textured, look like skin, in reality they look very beautiful,and the color fits perfectly into the interior. We pasted the back wall with black wallpaper. Here is the result:

As a bonus, my beloved husband made me two hinged shelves on an invisible mount, I pasted them too. And I also adapted a daylight lamp under the shelf, now it perfectly illuminates the entire working space.

That's it. As you can see, the creation of a corner is not a very complicated matter, and now I am a happy owner of my long-awaited workplace with minimal expenses, which I wish you!

In the future, I will organize and decorate my favorite place in the house with beautiful boxes, jars, chests, caskets and, of course, my works.