How are wives punished?

Sometimes in order for a woman to learn a lesson from her behavior and no longer repeat her mistakes, heart-to-heart talk is not enough. In such situations, husbands, as a rule, come up with various methods of punishment for wives, which need not be condemned and considered barbaric: they often even help the couple to improve relations. This is due to the fact that a woman learns from her own mistakes and tries not to repeat them. Therefore, in this article we will discuss the main ways of punishing wives in our time.

Violent methods

In modern society, such an expression seems at least to be a relic of the past, if not a mockery of women's dignity. At the same time, in some countries this method of punishing a wife is still practiced. Often we hear that in the Muslim world it is customary to beat a woman for disobedience, but this is not the generally accepted norm, but rather the exception to the rule. After all, the Shari'ah prescribes husbands not to offend their wives, but to protect and love.

When a woman behaves inappropriately, you must first try to resolve the issue through a conversation with her. If this approach does not help, the sharia advises the husband to give up his marital duties in bed. And only an extreme measure is a blow - only after the first two punishments have not had the proper impact. In addition, in this case, the use of force should not be taken literally, that is, the husband should not hurt his wife by striking her. The punishment is precisely to hurt the feelings of a woman, to affect her state of mind, and not to endanger the physical.

Almost the same prescriptions are contained in the famous Domostroy, in which the husband’s dissatisfaction may initially act as a punishment for the wife, which is always expressed in private. When the spouse does not learn the lesson, the husband has the right to hit her, but very easily and only for the purpose of injuring her pride. Of course, in the civilized world, such methods can be punished under the articles of the criminal code, so that men are increasingly resorting to completely different methods of punishing their wives.

Nonviolent methods

If you are eager to learn how to punish wives, try to first objectively assess the misconduct of your spouse, to come up with an appropriate punishment. For example, many men often act according to the second rule of Sharia: they simply stop making love to their wife. Perhaps your beloved is often avoiding sexual intimacy with you, referring to a headache, but this is on condition that you are in favor.

If she notices a cold attitude on your part, then first of all she will suspect that you have someone on the side. The agony of doubt and suspicion can be an excellent punishment, and a woman will probably think about her behavior and look for ways to reconciliation. By the way, this method is ideal for wives with frequent “headaches”.

An effective option can also be called the deprivation of funds. This often means a refusal from the services of a beautician, new styling, fashion handbag and other ladies' weaknesses. We are talking about cases where the husband provides all this pleasure to the spouse, because otherwise this method has no meaning. But if you deprive a woman of her favorite things, she can very quickly take into account all the comments and learn the lessons.

Another punishment is the refusal of any long-awaited event. This can be a fun holiday with friends, a corporate party or, best of all, a holiday trip. After all, such events for a woman are not only a reason for joy: it is also a great opportunity to come out in the new outfit, attract everyone’s attention, overshadow all envious women with their beauty and originality, etc. So, if you deprive your wife of this desired occasion , consider that she is fully punished.

In addition, you can simply stop all contact with your wife until she realizes her mistake and does not improve. Often, this method involves not only complete silence, but also the absence of shared life. That is, the man simply avoids any communication with his wife, is almost not at home and ignores her. A woman is emotional in nature, therefore she will not endure such an indifferent attitude for a long time.

Of course, the choice of punishment depends on the specific situation and the degree of guilt of the woman.