Ian Somerhalder made Nicky Reed get pregnant?

Think twice before you say something, especially if you have 13 million subscribers, otherwise you will have to explain and apologize for a long time. This is exactly what happened to Ian Somerhalder, who decided to make a joke on the radio, without thinking about what his words might be taken for truth. In an interview with the star of the series “The Vampire Diaries”, who recently became a father, he admitted that he wanted a child so much that he threw away all the pills of his wife Nikki Reed.

A joke is a joke, but the phrase immediately became the cause of a scandal: many have condemned the actor for forced motherhood. The blogs got the hype, the fans immediately remembered that Nikki in earlier interviews said she was not ready to take responsibility for raising the child. It is not known what the agreement would have been if Yen had not published an open letter on his Instagram page, in which, with the support of his wife, he was assured that no one had forced anyone, everything was out of love and by mutual consent."We are very sympathetic to everyone who was forced to become a parent," the letter reads. “But we decided to have a child together and do not regret our decision at all.”

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Recall that Yen and Nikki had a wedding in the spring of 2015. In the summer of this year, they had a daughter, Bodie Soleil.