Ideas of 10 mini-ponds: they will create in your garden a feeling of coolness and freshness

The water zone is what any garden needs. After all, the real rest is the sun, water, river or pond. And if you are not the happy owner of a house on the shore of the water, make a pond or a hint at it yourself. In some cases, a very small zone will suffice, which will fill the site with a special lake mood. But if there is a possibility, make several separate islands of freshness in the garden.

Homemade pond in a metal bath

Choose a really large water tank. This may be an old galvanized bath, or a technical tank. Pour in water and transfer a few plants from a nearby lake or quarry. If the pond turned out to be large enough, you can even run small fish into it.

Fountain from a zinc bucket

Any dishes of previous years will look very colorful in the garden.Find something interesting on the flea market or in your own barn. Fill the bucket with large stones and install a special pump for the garden fountain.

Ceramic pot design

Several pots of the same color, but of different sizes, can form the basis of a beautiful composition with a small fountain in the center. One of the pots leave the classic - let it grow flowers.

Buy a water garden

The easiest way to organize a water garden is to buy special plants in the store. They are already ready for a transplant, and will not cause you too much trouble. Use a large pot without a drain hole.

Small pond from plastic container

Place a plastic container for storing small items in a hole that repeats its shape. Lay paving slabs and large pebbles on all sides. Cover with pebbles or sand and the bottom of the container.

By the same principle, you can organize a pond from a plastic bucket.

Small pond of old furniture

You can use the entire shelf or put together a rectangular box by disassembling the locker on the boards. Cover the inside of the film, fixing it with a layer of earth.You can insert a small plastic bath in the box.

Enamel basin

Even such a simple solution will look good in the garden. In one garden you can plant water plants, and in the other - ordinary.

Use large flowerpots

Huge pots of ceramic or plastic do not necessarily fill the soil to the brim. Aquatic plants can perfectly take root in them.

Fountain of an old stump

Instead of uprooting the stump, equip it with a small pomp for the fountain. Another option is to make a recess in which you can build a small pond with water lilies.