Interesting facts about glycerin

Translated from Latin means "sweet." Indeed, due to its unusual taste, the substance is often used in the production of confectionery and bakery products. In addition, the sweetish liquid is actively used in cosmetology, pharmacology, and even in military affairs. Let's take a closer look at what is special about glycerol and why it is so popular.


The discovery of glycerol occurred in 1779. Chemist-pharmacist Karl Scheele got it in the process of saponification of fats. Much later, in 1811, a new substance was given a name. This was done by the Frenchman Michel Chevrel, when he carefully studied the composition and properties of glycerin. In the process of studying they developed an industrial method of obtaining a substance and started its production.

Physical Properties

The physical properties of glycerin are based on the following characteristics:

  • viscous;
  • easily soluble;
  • hygroscopic;
  • steady;
  • odorless
  • is not toxic;
  • transparent;
  • low freezing point.

Storage and transport conditions

In its raw form, glycerin is poured into galvanized steel barrels. This packing makes it easy to transport the substance. The consumer may also choose to pack glass, plastic bottles or glass jars. Their capacity varies from 10 to 20 dm3. Shelf life in such bottles reaches 12 months.

After packaging, the substance requires transportation to the place of destination. To do this, use rail or road tankers. Glycerin must be protected from precipitation.


Physical and chemical properties provided glycerin use in the following areas:

  • medicine (as an antiseptic, an additive to drugs, solvent medicines);
  • food industry (to improve the consistency of creams, sweets, to increase the volume of bakery products, etc.);
  • agriculture (accelerates seed growth, protects the bark of trees from insects);
  • military science (for obtaining nitroglycerin and brake fluid, cooling gun barrels);
  • tobacco industry (regulates tobacco moisture, eliminates unpleasant taste);
  • production of electronic cigarettes (regulates moisture, eliminates unpleasant taste, increases the life of the cartridges);
  • plastics production (improves product quality);
  • and others

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