Iridina Douai: instruction for beautiful eyes


  • In which fitness center do your eyes?
  • Two ways to compensate for the load on the eyes;
  • General information about the drug Iridine Dua;
  • Release form;
  • Pharmachologic effect;
  • Indications for use;
  • Contraindications;
  • Possible side effects;
  • Instructions for use drops and dosage;
  • Special instructions;
  • Pharmacy where you can buy Iridin.

In which fitness center do your eyes?

The information age has radically changed the way a person lives, leaving many muscles without a natural load.

If before a person dreamed of taking a break from physical activity, today - we pay for going to the gyms and swimming pools, where we compensate for the lack of natural load. At the same time, the load on the organs of vision has cardinally increased, and this bias also requires conscious compensation.

However, this poorly perceived need is not included in the business plans of fitness centers, staying in the shadow of cool attention to it.To comment on this fact is possible only with the words of a classic: “Saving the drowning is the work of the drowning themselves”.

On behalf of a self-saved drowning man, I will suggest two complementary directions from which this salvation can be brought, for by itself it will not even come from there.

Two ways of compensating eye strain

  1. Gymnastics for the eyes by the method of Shichko-Bates. The technique is effective, but requires diligence and time. Its essence is to provide the eye muscles with a varied and full load, which removes spasms from overloaded muscles and develops atrophy. The result is not immediately apparent, but stable. Visually, vision is improving. The description of the methodology is easy to find on the net.
  2. Iridine Due's Eye Drops The result is almost instantaneous, the action lasts several hours. This Italian drug is little known, so it deserves detailed consideration.

General information about the drug

Iridina Duye - soft sparing drops for eyes from Italian manufacturers. This is a completely safe remedy, which includes naphazoline hydrochloride, eliminating all the symptoms of a “sick and tired” eye.And the aqua-distillers of such plants as witch hazel and chamomile, have their beneficial effect on the eyes with a calming effect. Previously, you should read the instructions for use drops to find out the available contraindications.

Release form

Drops for Iridin Duye's eyes with a pipette in a vial of 10 ml, in one milliliter contains 0.05% of the active ingredient - naphosoline hydrochloride.

pharmachologic effect

Symptomatic eye drops. Intended for disinfecting the mucous membrane of the eyes.

Eye drops Iridina Doe will remove the redness of the eyeballs, giving your eyes a fairy beauty - this secret is used by knowledgeable women, wishing to make an indelible impression in special cases.

Drops will remove and the accumulated fatigue, "overcome" the itching and burning sensation, eliminate the feeling of discomfort in the eyes, moisturize the cornea of ​​the eye when dry, ideally cope with severe lachrymation. However, in case of allergies, another type of drug should be used - “Iridine antiallergic”.

After instillation of the drops in the eyes, their action occurs immediately, and the effect persists for several hours.

Indications for use

Iridine Dua can be used for:

- eye irritation;

- appeared burning and itching;

- redness of the eyeballs;

- Abundant lacrimation;

- lack of moisture in the eye, that is, dryness;

- high sensitivity to bright light;

- feeling tired eyes;

- a feeling of discomfort in the eyes.

These symptoms can be the consequences of external factors that have a negative effect on the eyes: acrid smoke, strong wind, dust in the eyes, a very long time watching TV, gadgets, reading a favorite book or driving a car, working with documents.


Iridine Dua eye drops are contraindicated in:

- existing intolerance to the components that make up the droplets;

- glaucoma;

- children's and teenage age up to twelve years.

Possible side effects

Iridine Dua eye drops are non-toxic, completely safe and, as a rule, do not have side effects. But in isolated cases while exceeding the permissible dosage, such symptoms were observed as:

- increase in intraocular pressure;

- slight headache;

- increase in arterial pressure.

Instructions for use drops and dosage

According to the instructions, drops of Iridine Dua can only be applied to the eyes.

Wash your hands well. Slightly tilting the head back, or in the prone position, pulling the lower eyelid down a little, drop one or two drops into the conjunctival fold of each eye. Close your eyes, wait a little, remove excess agent with a clean cloth, do not rub it. This procedure can be repeated no more than six times a day, as needed.

special instructions

If you wear contact lenses, before starting the procedure they should be removed, and you can re-wear it only 15-20 minutes after instillation.

It is not recommended to combine Iridin Doe drops and other antiseptic agents for eye treatment.

Avoid direct exposure to the bottle of sunlight.

After opening, use drops for one month. If, after one month, the drops remain in the vial, it is strictly forbidden to use them.

Pharmacy where you can buy Iridine

As practice shows, finding Iridine on sale is not so easy. This drug is still very few people imported into Russia.I can recommend the online pharmacy "Medicine from Europe" as a reliable and trusted supplier of high-quality European drugs.

Summarizing the above, I want to note that you should not overestimate the effect of drops in comparison with a full-fledged gymnastic system to maintain and improve vision. These are different genres. Drops are good when an immediate result is required. Gymnastics also changes the very quality of vision.

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