Kim Kardashian called the girth of his waist

Disputes about Kim Kardashian's waist have been going on for years. Even the most loyal fans, no-no and yes, doubt whether her husband Kanye West had removed the lower ribs - her parameters seem so cartoony, whatever one may say, such can only be achieved surgically ... Kim herself says that it’s all about the genes and regular training and a strict diet (well, and the pulling corset Waist Training, which visually reduces the waist circumference by several centimeters).

And in the new release of the show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, chatting with sister Courtney, girlfriend Krissy Teigen and stylist Jen Atki, Kim unexpectedly (or according to the script?) Shared. “This has not happened yet,” she boasted. “My waist has become even thinner — only 24 inches, and my hips — 39 inches!” If you translate inches to centimeters, you’ll have 60 and 99, respectively. Incredibly, but, according to Kim's words, she simply has perfect proportions. What do you think?

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Meanwhile, Melissa Alcantara, personal trainer Kim, assured that her famous client does not want to lose weight, as everyone thinks after a series of unsuccessful photos from Mexico: "Kim likes her body, she just wants to build muscles to feel stronger."