Lampshade of PVC chandeliers

Materials and tools:

  1. PVC pipe 30 cm;
  2. scissors;
  3. hot melt glue gun or other glue;
  4. pliers;
  5. spray paint.

Step 1

First we cut the PVC pipe into strips. We take the pipe and start, cut it slightly at an angle, then continue cutting the pipe so that the width of the strip is 3-4 mm. As a result, we get a long strip.

Step 2

Getting to create the lampshade itself.We take the ball, spread it with oil so that the glue does not stick to it.

Guided by the description of Step 2, we make curls of the desired shape and length. And then just glue them together, using a hot-melt gun.

What will be your shade depends on your imagination. You can see examples of works in the quilling technique.

When the lampshade is ready, carefully take out the ball. We paint the lampshade in the right color. That's it, the lampshade is ready.