Life is getting better: Sedokova has a boyfriend

The singer, who complained about the absence of a man, was presented with a basket of roses.

“Is that what happens? Am I already almost six weeks without hugging, and maybe two ??? Mama. Save, help. I never thought that, waving my head at the sad stories of girls that they had no one for half a year, I somehow would get through with it. I always have someone. Was. From one relationship I was rapidly moving to another, but now what? So here it is, old age? But what could be better than walking together, his arms, nonstop kisses, and then sex all night. And the food. And serialchik, and then again sex. And to sleep, having embraced ... My lips, not kissed already as the second month, seem to be covered with ice, ”Anna Sedokova complained in early August. And now, it seems, the universe heeded her pleas.

On the eve of her Instagram subscribers, the singer appeared completely different - happy, with a luxurious armful of white roses that barely fit into the elevator. Who gave?

The amount of beauty on this photo rolls over
Photo: @annasedokova

“When they are bigger than you,” the star signed her succinctly and did not disclose the name of the donor. Maybe she does not know? Most likely, it still guesses. In comments with a gorgeous gift, TV host Marina Kim congratulated her, writing: “More than an elevator, but less and less than his love! Love! ”To which Sedokova answered with three hearts. The girls clearly know who they are talking about.

And we can only be glad for her and wish that such photos were in the tape as much as possible.