List of the most famous markets in the world

Luxury expensive boutiques, huge shopping centers, glass showcases with a lot of enticing things will never replace the atmosphere of markets where you can penetrate the essence of the life of an unfamiliar people, imbued with its color. Here you will learn about all the intricacies of local shopping and learn to be “yours”. Going on vacation, do not forget to look at the most interesting places in the countries where you travel.

Come, buy, do not run by!

Local barkers have such a magical gift of persuasion that sometimes you run the risk of leaving more money than planned. Be carefull!

Khan Al-Khalili (Cairo, Egypt)

Its history began in the 14th century, and so far crowds of tourists from all over the world flock here. Find, or rather feel, one of the largest markets in the world will be easy. For several tens of meters it smells of aroma oils, oriental spices and sweets. Most often they buy souvenirs made of copper, jewelry, glass and wood products made by local craftsmen.

Temple St (Hong Kong, China)

Life there begins to boil at night. This Chinese bazaar is known not only for the opportunity to buy all sorts of analogues of well-known brands of equipment, clothing and perfumery, but also for its special entertainment.

It is on Temple St you can try to beat the chess geniuses or "buy" for the night a girl of easy virtue. The market is so popular that it can often be seen in various action films and action movies.

Camden (London, England)

This traditional bazaar, which worked only on weekends, today functions seven days a week. Every year about 10 million tourists come here looking for interesting souvenirs and pleasant shopping. In the Camden market you can always meet crowds of extraordinary personalities: representatives of sex minorities, various youth subcultures and even world stars. In this large sales area you will always find cute handmade trinkets, as well as fashionable clothes of young designers at reasonable prices.

Chatuchak (Bangkok, Thailand)

To make sure of its scale, you need to come here. Thai bazaar covers an area of ​​about 11 hectares. You can find anything here, ranging from antiques, clothing to valuable fur.

The best time for shopping is earlier in the morning, when tourists have not yet filled it with hundreds.But when planning a trip to Chatuchak, remember that in order to fully enjoy its atmosphere, it will take at least a full day.

Grand Bazaar (Istanbul, Turkey)

One of the largest markets in the world stretched as much as 60 streets and receives about 400 thousand visitors every day. Those who wandered here by accident or walked purposefully will be amazed, because in the bazaar there are not only trays with various souvenirs, food, carpets, ornaments, and even a mosque, more than two dozen hotels and a myriad of cafes and restaurants where you can relax from fuss.

Flower Market (Amsterdam, Holland)

If you are dreaming of getting into a fairytale country, welcome to Amsterdam. No wonder Holland is known in the world as a country of tulips. At the local market you will see so many colors that your eyes just run.

In addition to rare plant species, you can buy a lot of different souvenirs, the price of which is significantly lower than in the center. No one has yet managed to leave empty-handed from the Flower Bazaar.

Travel should bring pleasant emotions and be memorable, so do not be lazy to find interesting places in the countries you are on the road to, and enjoy the trip to the fullest.

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