Lunar diet Lose weight without effort

Yes, it is this light that has such an effect on our body. If you know what zodiac sign passes the moon, you can easily and without effort control your weight.
When the moon enters the "water" astrological signs of the zodiac (fish, cancer, scorpion), the body needs carbohydrates.
When the moon enters the astrological sign of "fire" (in Aries, in the lion, in the archer), we need proteins.
With the passage of the moon astrological signs of the "earth" (calf, maiden, ibex), the need for salt increases.
When the moon is in the astrological signs of the elements of Air (aquarius, twins, scales), we need fats.
Now let's talk about how to use this knowledge in the fight against obesity.
The moon in the signs of the Water element. These days, our body is well digested and does not store carbohydrates in store. So, we can afford to eat a piece of sweet cake or a piece of cake, candy or chocolate and at the same time we will know for sure that this liberty will not result in an extra kilogram.
Moon in the "fiery" signs. In such days, well digested and will bring many benefits squirrels. Eat on such days not only meat and fish, but do not forget about vegetable proteins (beans, buckwheat, etc.). There will be a maximum benefit if your menu consists of half of animal protein and half of vegetable protein.
Moon in the signs of "earth". It is useful these days to include salt in your diet. Eat salted cucumber or herring, do not deny yourself salty nuts.
Moon in the signs of "air". The body needs fats on such days. It is recommended to give preference to vegetable fats that are found in vegetable oil and nuts. Fat meat, cheese, milk or cream will be perfectly assimilated.
All vegetables and fruits are absorbed by our body equally well on all days. Therefore, they can be eaten in any quantities and at any time.
Summing up.
If we diet and on the day when the moon is in the "water" sign, we can make ourselves relaxed and eat something sweet (carbohydrate). When the moon is in the "fiery" sign - we eat more meat (squirrels), the moon in the sign of "earth" - we salt the food and are not afraid, but in the signs of "air" we boldly add fats to the food!
Believe me, it's great when there is an opportunity to back off a little from the diet and know for sure that this deviation will not backfire with extra pounds. But remember that everything is good in moderation. You should not eat some pies and rolls on “carbohydrate” days or eat whole herring with salty nuts on a “salty” day.
It is better to adjust the fasting days for such days.