Meat soup is the most common and familiar dish, not only on the Russian tables, but also in the kitchens of the whole world. Recipes and cooking methods are many. The first appeared as soon as people mastered improvised dishes, when instead of the usual pans we had leather skins. And if from the beginning the nutritious meat broth was poured out, then later on our happiness with you, the ancestors thought of how to cook meat soup. A lot of recipes were invented by the ancient Romans, who were famous for their exquisite taste and love for delicious food. They were the first to guess that olive oil, vegetables, wine, minced meat and sauces were added to soups. A popular dish was the soup and on the tables of the Slavs. Then he was called by the common word “bread”, and some of the varieties of hostesses were cooked on meat. Just about that time, national recipes began to appear in the kitchens of the whole world. The Caucasian peoples developed a nourishing and warming lagman. And in Germany they invented the recipe for the “Eintopf” soup, in which it is customary to add everything in the house: meat, sausages, sausages, beans, vegetables.All who have tried, argue that, despite the peculiarity, it is a very tasty meat soup. Still, the most strange recipes can boast of Mexican, African and Asian cuisine, which often use the kidneys, and hearts, and the stomachs of animals. In addition, each meat soup has a common component - broth, and there are a lot of recipes for how to cook a delicious soup with meat. Each hostess has its own secrets, handed down from generation to generation. But there are general rules. If you want the meat to give up all its juice, and the broth is very saturated, then start boiling it in cold water, which will gradually boil. But if you still want to get soft, but tasty meat, even if not in such a rich broth, then you should not lower it into the pan before the water boils there. The remaining ingredients are added depending on your desire. The recipe for meat soup may differ in some components: cereals, vegetables - there is complete freedom for your imagination. Diversity in taste range will bring the meat itself: beef, lamb, chicken, turkey, etc. And the main thing to remember: a dish can be not only tasty, but also beautiful.Therefore, it is better to cut the meat every time in different ways: in large pieces, as for the lagman, not very big for borscht, you can make meatballs or cut into small cubes.