Megan Markle recognized as the most beautiful in the royal family

Plastic surgeon Julian De Silva likes to make various ratings of beauty, award famous people with the titles “The Most Beautiful” and, conversely, scold them for being imperfect. This time the critical eye of the plastic surgeon fell on the royal family. He again applied the golden section to the calculation of the ideal proportions of the face and rendered a verdict which of the princesses is the best.

Posted by @meghan_markleFeb 21, 2018 at 5:25 PST

Publication from Kate Middleton (@hrhtheduchessofcambridge)Mar 1, 2017 at 4:47 PST

The list was headed by the bride Prince Harry Megan Markle (her face, according to a plastic surgeon, can be called perfect by almost 90%). The Duchess Catherine came in second place (86.8%), the granddaughter of Elizabeth II Zara Tyndoll (81.6%) - the third, Princess Beatrice (80.7%) - the fourth, Princess Eugenia (79.3%) - in the fifth. “Megan stands out against the rest of the princesses,” said Julian De Silva. “She is closest to the ideal of beauty.”And advised to look at the nose of the future princess, he said, just the perfect shape, in case you are considering rhinoplasty.