Micellar water - application features

Micellar water - application featuresCreated by French cosmetologists recently, micellar water is not water in the usual interpretation of the word. This is another novelty in the field of cosmetology, which has pleased many women of the fair sex. Micellar water: what is it? What are the features of its application? We will answer these and other questions below.

Micellar water - what is it?

This is a cosmetic product that is designed to cleanse the skin. It allows you to remove fat, sweat and other impurities from the skin of the face and neck. Her secret is that it allows you to instantly and gently remove makeup. In this case, it does not contain surfactants, alcohol and alkali.
This beauty product resembles ordinary drinking water in that it has no color or smell, but after applying it to the skin, it removes makeup perfectly, without affecting the epidermis. Often in the composition of such water includes oils (olive, castor), natural extracts (chamomile, rosemary, tea tree), vitamins and minerals, as well as hyaluronic acid.

Secrets of use

Micellar water - application features
Many do not know how to use micellar water.But, in fact, everything is simple. It is necessary to put a small amount of funds on a cotton swab and gently wipe the face. This should be done along the massage lines. If necessary, the session can be repeated. Rinse off with water is not required.
To remove eye make-up, you can apply a cotton pad to your eyes for a few seconds. The big advantage of water is that it does not leave ugly dark stains on the face.
Also note that cosmetic water does not remove waterproof makeup. Therefore, you can first apply a means to remove persistent makeup, and then use micellar water.

What is it for?

Micellar water - application features
The tool was created to care for the skin of young children, and people with various dermatological problems. It is not surprising that the wonderful properties of such water have become actively used in cosmetology.
Such water is perfect for removing makeup on the eyes. And in hot weather, it will become simply indispensable, because at this time the makeup “floats”, and the face suffers from the effects of sweat. Means it is possible to refresh a face and a neck simply.
Micellar water - application features
The tool can be used to care for any type of skin.It will suit both teenagers suffering from acne, and representatives of fading skin.
On a long trip, micellar water will help remove makeup and refresh your face, leaving no dirt and fingerprints on it from the interior of a car or airplane.

Advantages and disadvantages of micellar water for makeup removal

Based on the conclusions of the conducted experiments, it is possible to distinguish such advantages from the use of the tool:

  • hypoallergenic;
  • is odorless and colorless;
  • does not cause irritation;
  • promotes moisture;
  • deep cleansing;
  • prevents inflammation;
  • suitable for people with different skin types and different ages.

Micellar water - application features
However, like any cosmetic, micellar water also has disadvantages. These include:

  • may slightly dry the skin;
  • may spit on contact with eyes;
  • in some cases, the skin remains slightly sticky;
  • sometimes leaves a shine on the skin.

In conclusion, we note that micellar water combines the best properties of tonic and milk, acting gently and effectively. Today, such water is recognized as the ideal way to cleanse the face and neck.Also, the novelty of merit was estimated by the fair sex.