Modern plumbing for the kitchen - style and water saving

In the kitchen equipment can not do without a sink and tap. Here, products, dishes and appliances are washed - this is the main place where the hostess works in the house. It has a special structure and is different from the models for the toilet sink. It has a tall gander and allows placing large pots, bowls and even buckets under it. The kitchen always consumes a lot of water, which requires the payment of substantial bills for communal. To reduce costs, people sometimes put special tips on the gander, but it is more profitable and safer to buy a special mixer with integrated flow control.

Modern plumbing for the kitchen

Offers from specialized companies

In online stores and plumbing stores offer a variety of economical kitchen faucets. They differ in these characteristics:

  • Performance style (classic, art deco, hi-tech, retro);
  • Material (steel, copper, chrome alloy);
  • Type (on the lever or valves);
  • Functionality (plain or retractable);
  • Combined with a water multi-stage filter;
  • With fixed or swivel spout;
  • Attached to a sink or wall;
  • With a thermostat;
  • With a switch to the shower.

Modern sanitary engineering for the kitchen

The built-in distributor of the water flow intensity saves on its flow. You can limit it to 6 liters per minute with the valve as open as possible.

How to choose a product?

In catalogs, there are usually many varieties, so the choice is difficult. In order to find the most useful mixer in each particular case, it is necessary to take into account such moments:

  • Style - it should fit into the interior of the kitchen and be combined in color and material;
  • Construction quality - type of alloy, wall thickness, type of switches and production technology;
  • Manufacturer - Russian and European most reliable;
  • Spout type and length - the features and intensity of the crane usage per day are taken into account
  • Mounting method;
  • Manufacturer and seller of warranty service

Modern sanitary engineering for the kitchen

Branded products have certificates of conformity and a long service life. Taking into account the cost, you do not need to choose the option at the lowest price, because the product will be of questionable quality and will quickly fail. A proven brand that has long been on the market and has positive feedback from buyers is credible. To save money, you can monitor stocks from sellers, when expensive models can be sold at a significant discount. Buying online involves shipping to Moscow or other Russian cities, which makes shopping comfortable and efficient.