Monopoly is a great game for the whole company.

Skorotat family evening or spend time with friends can be for an exciting game "Monopoly." But first, deal with its rules and understand the essence.


The game "Monopoly" appeared quite a long time ago. So, in 1934, when the Great Depression was raging in America, Charles Darrow of Pennsylvania decided to try his luck and showed the representatives of Parker Brothers a game project, which he called Monopoly. But, unfortunately, it was rejected due to numerous design errors. This did not stop Charles, and he decided to finalize his offspring and release it on its own.

The author drew his friend to the process, and together they produced and sold about 5,000 homemade copies of the game at a Philadelphia department store. And when Charles realized that demand is growing, and he cannot cope with the increased volumes on his own, he again went to the sponsors, and they agreed to cooperate.

Already in 1935, "Monopoly" became one of the best-selling games in America,and today billions of people play it, and various competitions are held in the world, including with valuable prizes.

Short description

The game "Monopoly" is considered classic. In its course, players can purchase, rent and sell their own property. First, all the chips are placed on the playing field in the “Forward” cell, then the participants move them around in a circle in accordance with the number drawn on the dice. Once on the site "Real Estate", any player can buy it.

If you refuse to buy, the property can be bought at auction by any other player. If another player comes to your possession, then you can take his rent from it. And if you decide to build hotels and houses, such a fee will gradually grow, which will bring you profit.

If there is an urgent need for funds, then you can mortgage the property in your property. In addition, in the course of the game, all players perform the tasks indicated on the Chance and Public Treasury cards. And some of them may be in prison.

What is the goal of the game?

The main goal of each player is to make as much money as possible and avoid bankruptcy. Wins only one person who was able to save their capital and earn the most.The game ends at the moment when the other players are bankrupt.

Beginning of the game

First you need to prepare the playing field. To do this, place it on a sufficiently flat surface. Next, place all the elements in accordance with the attached diagram (sometimes they are depicted on the field). Now separate all the “Chance” cards, shuffle them and place them upside down on the corresponding zone. Do the same with the "Public Treasury" cards.

Each player must choose a playing chip and put it in the initial cell of the field with the name “Forward”. One person is appointed by the Banker, and he will manage the bank, that is, issue funds and monitor the game and all the rules.

Also at this stage should determine the sequence of moves of all players. You can do this by throwing cubes. The one with the highest number will start the game. Further moves are carried out clockwise.

Course of the game

So, the game begins. The first player rolls dice and moves his chip for the number of moves that fell on the roll. The cell on which you stop after completing the turn will determine what to do next.And at each site may be several players at the same time.

Depending on exactly where you are, you have to carry out such actions as:

  • To purchase real estate, for example, factories, factories, enterprises or plots of land intended for construction.
  • If you are in the territory belonging to another player, then you have to pay him for the rent (the rent is indicated on the card of each property).
  • Pay taxes to the bank.
  • Pull out one of the cards "Public Treasury" or "Chance" and complete the task indicated in it.
  • Spend time at the "Free Parking".
  • Be in jail.
  • Get a wage. Its size is usually 200 thousand dollars.

Important nuances

How to learn to play "Monopoly"? Understand the process and learn all the important points. And there are actually a lot of them.

So, the main nuances:

  • If you roll the dice, and the same number falls on them, then you make a move and complete the task in accordance with the cell you hit. But then you can make another move. If the same number on the dice fell three times, you go to jail.
  • The passage of the cell "Forward".Each time you pass this site, you will receive a salary. And if you pass this cell, then remove the card from the “Chance” stack, on which the task will go to the “Forward” cell, the bank will give you a salary twice.
  • Buying a property. Once in a cell with free (that is, not acquired by anyone) real estate, you can buy it. If you have not done so, the other players can purchase it at auction (you are not participating in it).
  • Owned property purchased. The owner has the right to charge the rent to all players staying at his property.
  • Stopping on someone else's property involves paying rent. Moreover, the fee increases if the owner invests money in his property, that is, he builds hotels or houses on the plot.
  • If you stopped at a cell of a utility company, the actions will be the same as when stopping in the real estate field. You can buy a company, pay for its rent. And the amount will be four times the number of points that fell on the dice (the throw is made separately from the turn).
  • A stop at the station is similar to a stop at real estate, but the rent will depend on the number of stations at the owner.
  • If you hit the cell "Public Treasury" or "Chance", then you pull the card from the corresponding stack and perform the task written in it. You will be able to get money from the bank, end up in prison, move the chip forward or to a specific field, pay taxes or get out of prison for free.
  • When stopping at a tax cell, simply pay the appropriate amount to the Banker.
  • In the free parking lot you can stand until the next turn without any purchases, fines or payments.
  • A player can go to prison in several cases: when stopping at the corresponding field or when receiving a card with such a task, as well as when the same numbers fall out on the cubes three times. You can get free by paying a bail (50 thousand dollars), receiving or purchasing a “Free from prison” card from another player. You can also stay in prison for three laps and roll the cubes in turn. And when the double comes out, move to the appropriate number of moves.
  • When you collect all the properties of the same color, you can buy houses and hotels.
  • If you have no money, you can sell houses or hotels, mortgage property. But players cannot borrow money from each other!
  • If you owe the players or the Banker more money than you can get using the rights of the property owner, then you are declared bankrupt and leave the game.
  • If there are no funds left in the bank, he will not be declared bankrupt, because surely after the next moves money will appear. So the Banker can issue so-called IOUs written on sheets of plain paper.

How to play?

Since Monopoly is a board game, it is advisable to play it while sitting at the table. Moreover, prepare a spacious enough place so that all the players could be accommodated behind it (and there may be a lot of them). It is not necessary to provide personal space for everyone, since there is simply nothing to spy on the neighbors.

If you are an opponent of board games or you cannot assemble a company to enjoy the process, then try playing online with your computer, and with complete strangers. And it is no less exciting and interesting!

The number of players, in principle, can be any, so you can start the game both for two and for the whole big company, and it will be very interesting and fun.



  1. Carefully read the rules before the game, discuss them with other players.
  2. For beginners, the game may seem difficult, so there must be experienced players, that is, those who have played Monopoly before and who know all the features.
  3. Be prepared for the fact that the game will last a few hours.

Now you can play an exciting “Monopoly” with family or friends.

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