Gray-pink multilayer rubber bands

The monotony of Chinese children's rezinochek not all to taste. If you have the assiduity and are willing to spend a couple of hours to decorate your hair with beautiful flowers on the rubber bands, then this work is for you. Things handmade will always be beneficial to allocate their owner, because they are not only an interesting design, but also invested a particle of the soul. When creating a hair ornament, immediately determine the colors that suit you. It is advisable to use two colors, then you can select individual points in the work, emphasize each tier of petals. Be sure to choose the colors of the same saturation, if I took a gently pink, then the second color will be cold - steel. For work you need a satin ribbon, the width of the tape is about 4 cm. Purchase 30 cm of lace, it will add tenderness to the work. You will also need middles in the form of flowers made of rhinestones and the reins themselves, on which you need to fix the flowers. Stock up on rods of glue, which are inserted into a special gun, such glue is very convenient to fasten layers of colors.Need a lighter for singing edges and burner for wood, it is very convenient to fuse the layers of the petal with each other.  what you need to work
Cut the tape into squares . This can be done or burner, but or scissors. In the second case, it is necessary to sing the edges of a cigarette lighter.  Cut the ribbon into squares Begin to form the petals for the flower's base. To do this, make a crease in one of the corners of the chopped square as in the figure.
 form petals
Cut the corner where the fold is bent and set the edge. It takes 16 pink angular petals and 8 steel.  Cut the corner Glue the petals around in a circle. Try to observe a certain sequence - a pair of pink layers, one steel circle, and a few more pink ones on top.  Stick the petals in a circle Now we make petals for a larger layer of the flower. To do this, you need another 7 pink blanks.Fold each one in the middle, but at an angle.
 make the petals
Then bend the edges to the middle of the lower edge of the former square.
 bend the edges to the middle
We bend work in the middle line and fix, for example, you can hold it with tweezers or nails.
Bend work
all lower layers of solder with hot cautery. To do this, simply draw a line under the metal ruler on the base. It should be such a petal.
Press down on its back side, and then a peculiar pocket will form. It is necessary to pour glue into this slot and immediately squeeze the petal to take the desired shape.
 creates a kind of pocket
Paste the petals in a circle . But the glue is only their edge, which is closer to the center of the flower, and under the outer edge will pass the lace. Similarly, we create petals for the inner layer of a flower, but do not drip glue, but slightly scorch the back of the petal.
Paste the petals in a circle

Sew 8 steel petals into a flower with a thread and immediately glue in the middle. We decorate the center with rhinestones.
 Multilayer hair elastic
Now, under the pink petals we paste lace, which will add some lightness and add volume.
Multilayer rubber
It remains to turn the work and stick a pink, white or gray gum.