Mykonos is a great place to stay.

Greece is a magnificent country! But if you want to fully experience its charm and plunge into the atmosphere of this divine Olympus, then you should visit the island of Mykonos.

What is this heavenly place?

Mykonos is a magnificent Greek island, which belongs to the Cycladic archipelago and is located in the central part of the Aegean Sea. The area is about 85 square kilometers, and the length of the coastline is impressive and reaches 89 km. The population is small - only 10 thousand people. It is worth noting that Mykonos has become a very popular and almost legendary resort, where you can see a variety of celebrities.

Interestingly, according to legend, the island was named after Mykonos, which is widely known in ancient culture and is considered one of the descendants of Apollo himself.

Relief and climate

The main part of the island consists of granite, so the terrain is largely represented by rocky hills, but there are practically no steep mountains here, unlike other “neighbors” belonging to the Cyclades archipelago.In combination with an incredibly beautiful coastline, the low cliffs create a magnificent landscape that will inspire anyone.

The island’s climate is Mediterranean dry, but Mykonos is blown from all sides by the winds, so it’s not hot in summer. The average temperature in the warmest time of the year is about 25-30 degrees. Approximately from May to September, almost all over the Aegean Basin, the meltemi predominated - periodic strong winds, which sometimes blow several days in a row and can cause discomfort.

But the weather in winter is quite pleasant. The winds subside, the sky clears, and the temperature drops to 7-15 degrees. But to see snow here even in the cold season is almost unreal.

How to get there?

There are no direct flights to Mykonos, so first you have to fly to the capital of Greece, Athens (you can get here from Moscow in three hours). Then there will be an internal flight to the island, the journey time will be no more than thirty minutes.

What to do on the island?

What to do to the traveler who arrived on the island of Mykonos? In this heavenly place there will definitely be no time to be bored, because there are plenty of entertainment options, and for every taste!

So, what should a tourist do in Mykonos? Consider one of the following options:

  • Beach vacation. He will please absolutely anyone, that's for sure. And it is worth noting that there are various beaches on the island: international and popular among tourists, ideal for family holidays, romantic and scenic, and even secluded nudist. Among them is worth noting the favorite nudists Paradise and Paranga, popular among water sports enthusiasts Psaru, Calafati and Platis Yalos, intended for family holidays Ornos, Turlos and Agrari, as well as some others.
  • Visit one of the nightclubs, because at night, life on the island literally beats the key, as evidenced by rhythmic and loud music coming from different parts of Mykonos.
  • Almost all water sports are available, such as diving, surfing, water skiing, windsurfing, parasailing and many others. And the lesson will be able to find both beginners and amateurs (you can hire an instructor), and true professionals.
  • If you want to get aesthetic pleasure, then just take a walk around the island, it is very beautiful here. Fancy rocky hills, small windmills,but very beautiful churches, picturesque taverns, as well as funny and fabulous little white houses with bright windows and twisted wrought-iron balconies. And you can simply enjoy the beauty of the incredibly clear sea and its azure waters.
  • If you want to try Greek cuisine, then visit the local restaurants and cafes, there are a lot of them here. Moreover, the menu of large institutions will be pleased with a wide choice, therefore gastronomic pleasure is also guaranteed.

Where to stay?

There are hotels in Mykonos, with almost all categories. But there are not so many of them, so you should think about accommodation and accommodation in advance, otherwise there may not be any available rooms.

What to see?

What to see a tourist in Mykonos? Attention deserve such attractions as:

  • A real business card of the island are famous old windmills. There are only five of them, and these unusual structures can be seen from almost anywhere in the island, so they definitely will not go unnoticed and will attract surprised looks.
  • The doors or gates of Mykonos are two towers 3.5 meters high, which meet visitors and personify the majesty of this place, as well as its origin and a certain connection with Olympus.
  • The archaeological museum of the island appeared more than a hundred years ago and was created for the sole purpose of preserving cultural heritage, namely, unique treasures found many centuries ago in the “Pit of Purification”. The collection includes various statues, statues, ornaments and other artifacts belonging to the II-I centuries BC.
  • It is worth looking at the lighthouse of Mykonos, which appeared on the island in the late XIX century after the tragic event - the wreck of the English ship. The height of this structure is about 19 meters.
  • Alefkandra is a real “mini-Venice”, in which you can find beautiful houses that are located almost right next to the water, and narrow, incredibly picturesque streets.
  • You can visit the monastery of the Turlos Virgin, built in the XVIII century and located near the village of Ano Mera.
  • To learn more about the history of Greece, you should visit the Aegean Maritime Museum. It appeared relatively recently, but it will fully familiarize everyone with the amazing history of navigation in this country.
  • Church of Panagia-Paraportiani. On Mykonos, all the churches are beautiful, but this one is simply amazing! At first glance, it may seem that it was created from snow-white meringues or ice cream, and although such a structure is not large at all, it is not striking in size, but in magnificence.
  • To better know the island, you can visit the Ethnographic Museum, there are also many interesting exhibits.
  • The fortress of Castro will amaze with numerous white churches, which over the past several centuries seemed to have grown together with each other and now resemble a huge white rock.
  • Delos is a small rocky hill and a village in which there is an interesting archaeological area. And if you believe one of the legends, it was in this place that Apollo and his sister Aphrodite were born.

Unforgettable travel, let Mykonos surprise you!

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