Natalya Vodyanova posted a selfie without makeup

Natalia Vodianova decided to dispel a little about herself the myth as a superwoman, who always has time for everything. “I feel that I will have to drink a bucket of coffee in the next 6 days,” she complained to her Instagram subscribers. - Rest in the background, and ahead # London # Marseille # Paris # Tokyo # Vladivostok and # Moscow. Do you think I'm ready ?! ”The supermodel questioned the self, showing how she tried to drink coffee on her way from point A to point B.

Publication by Natalia Vodianova (@natasupernova)26 Apr 2018 at 12:40 PDT

"Natalia, you are amazing and real";

“Thank you for the photo without makeup, or after watching Instagram, it seems that everything is perfect”;

"An example to follow";

“Thank you for your honesty”;

"Here it is - the natural beauty";

"Morshchinki ... But what are the cute and real!";

“Sleeping and relaxing in airplanes is a talent!”

- Subscribers write in comments, and it is impossible to disagree with them. If it were not for the caption under the photo, no one would have guessed about the tiredness of the mother of five children!