Neck care

Simple neck care tips
Need to start with posture. If the position of the body is not even, an additional load on the spine is created. The result is wrinkles across or around the neck.
Of great importance is the pillow for sleep. If it is high, then a second chin will appear over time. The same problem awaits if you constantly lower your head and slouch. The correct position of the chin is to pull it slightly forward and hold it perpendicular to the floor.
Basics of skin care is cleansing and moisturizing. Maximum results can be achieved by adding a massage. You can clean the neck with the help of the same means as for the face. Taking a shower, you need to use a soft washcloth. After cleaning the skin, it will be useful to impose a cold cloth, wetting it in chamomile broth. The pores will close and be ready to apply the cream. Cream, for the neckline and neck area is best suited, which will include vitamin E, collagen and moisturizing agents. It is necessary to apply the cream with a greasy layer, and then remove the excess with a napkin.
When the first wrinkles begin to appear on the neck, they can be eliminated with the help of warm oil-based compresses. It is necessary to warm the oil (linseed, olive) and moisten them with natural fabric. Attach to the neck. Top warm towel or special paper. Remove in twenty minutes. Rinse off is not necessary, but simply wipe with a wet towel.
By following these simple guidelines, the skin in the neck and neck area will be fresh and young for much longer.