New Year hairstyles for long and medium hair

In the article I will tell you how fashionable and beautiful for long and medium hair at home. Everyone wants to look amazing on New Year's Eve. This desire is more pronounced in women who like to experiment with clothes, accessories and jewelery.

Options for Christmas hairstyles

Women want to look perfect on New Year's Eve. They buy a new dress and accessories, make a good manicure and makeup.

The most important role in creating the image belongs to the hairstyle. It must fit together and emphasize the dignity of appearance.


  • For a girl who previously did not have to wear a bang, this decision might have seemed unexpected and extremely brave.
  • I think bangs go to all girls and women, if properly chosen. It fits perfectly with straight hair of any length.
  • It must be remembered that a bang that does not close the eyebrows opens the face and draws attention to your hair, and a long bang is able to emphasize the beauty of the lips. Oblique bangs can make the image sexy and cocky.


Previously, this hairstyle was considered not festive. Over time, the view changed. The ponytail is made for weddings, dates and walks.

  • Wash your hair well and apply a volume gel to wet hair.
  • During drying, lift from the roots.
  • After drying, comb at the roots and make a ponytail. One strand can be left and wrap her hair elastic. This trick will help to hide the accessory.

Loose hair

  • According to astrologers, loose hair will bring luck to the owner. To create the need wavy and well-groomed hair.
  • Apply the gel after shampooing.
  • After the hair is screwed on special tongs.
  • Tongs do not hold for a long time, because the curls should turn out to be flowing and light.
  • After it is recommended to slightly beat the hair and cover with means for fixation.
  • For New Year's holidays, the usual braid is not suitable. Undoubtedly, she is neat, comfortable, and even boisterous dancing will not harm her. But she lacks the spirit of the holiday.
  • The figured braid looks elegant, emphasizes the refinement and elegance of the hostess. This braid is a great solution for a young beauty.


  • Luxurious curls are always in fashion.They will suit both girl and adult woman.
  • Locks can be decorated with beads, hairpins or bows.

For the celebration of the New Year, a variety of weave braids, tall tails that open the neck, classical tufts, are perfect.

It is not necessary to trust the hands of a specialist. If you can not go to a beauty salon, hair can be done with your own hands. Even if the skill wants the best, hairpins, beads and jewelry will come to the rescue. If you can not boast of long hair, this does not mean that you will have to do without a beautiful hairstyle. The best option will be a good styling with small waves.

How to choose a New Year's hairstyle for a girl

The approach of the New Year holidays is marked by a great mood, joy, hassle and gifts. The greatest joy is brought to children. They are waiting for a fun matinee with Santa Claus and Snow Maiden.

Parents should help children choose a New Year's image and costume.

The options for New Year's hairstyles for girls are many. It is difficult to say which one is better, because they are all unique and beautiful. I present to you the step-by-step instructions that will help you choose the perfect New Year's option for your daughter.

  • Most often, parents do not use children's cosmetics.On New Year's holidays, they will not interfere. If you are categorically against mousses and varnishes, choose a hairstyle with a weave for the child.
  • It is possible to use strands of laid on type on hairpins. This hairstyle is original and harmless. If the child is small, do not use heavy accessories.
  • To make your hair look believable, original and bright, buy colored hairspray. It will give a light fixation and color without harm.
  • Some mothers use sweet water instead of varnish. This tool is not strong fixation and is not suitable for all options.
  • When creating a festive hairstyle do not neglect accessories, colored feathers, pins, hairpins, decorative ornaments.
  • Pulling is not recommended. This can cause moodiness, discomfort and children's tears. In the worst case, the girl will dismiss her, without waiting for the celebration.

The choice depends on the wishes of the child, your skill and hair length. If the child wants something difficult, try to organize it, using the services of a specialist.

Christmas hairstyles for medium hair

Continuing the topic of the conversation, I will consider variants of hairstyles for medium hair.

Spike inside out

The creation will take about 30 minutes. You will need studs with pearls, a thin gum and a bottle of lacquer.

  1. It is good to comb hair, to spray a varnish and to comb on a side convenient for you.
  2. In the area of ​​the temple to separate the strand and divided into three equal parts.
  3. We start weaving the spike inside out. Spinning the spikelet to braid down, not to dial up. The braid should be tight.
  4. Weave a spikelet from the initial strand, moving in the opposite direction. Spit will end in the earlobe.
  5. Having finished weaving, fasten the end of the braid with an elastic band. Next, all sides of the weave pull out. This will give density.
  6. It remains to shove pearl hairpins into the braid. A few pieces are enough.


Curls - an excellent version of hair. Ordinary curls, wound curling, make you a star of the New Year holiday. To create the required varnish, a few clips, curling iron and mousse.

  1. On damp hair, apply a little mousse. Then completely dry the hair dryer. It is recommended to use a straight brush during drying.
  2. Strands cheat curling one by one.
  3. As soon as you finish this stage, strand slightly disheveled, distribute individual waves and fix with varnish.

Greek hairstyle

The creation takes no more than 20 minutes. You will need a special gum and varnish.

  1. Wear a rubber band on your head to lightly touch your ears.
  2. Moving from the temple, thrust inside the gum on the strands. To do right up to the nape.
  3. Also act on the other side.

All options make beautiful, stylish and elegant.

Christmas hairstyles for long hair

Only the woman herself will decide which option to choose. I will offer several options. It is possible that among them there is something suitable for you.

  • Fashion tail. It is enough to collect the hair in the tail and decorate with beads or bows. In the hairstyle looks great strands of bright color. Make them help the colored varnish.
  • Romantic curls. Curls and curls are great for New Year's Eve. Even a chaotic arrangement on the head will do.

Side bundle

On holidays, lateral styling is becoming topical. Hairstyle with a beam offset to the side is suitable for events and adorns the girl.

  • The starting point is zoning. Collect hair in bunches so as not to interfere. Bangs divided into two parts side parting. Most left on the right.
  • Twist the bottom of the bun and secure stealth.The result will be the basis for the hairstyle.
  • Hair over the base dissolve and curl on the curling iron. Get about 5 curls. Strands curl one way.
  • Take two locks on the right, twist into a bundle and secure the invisible. With other curls do the same.
  • Fingers to walk on the curls and handle varnish. Curls pin to the base of the invisible and treat varnish.
  • Separate the second section in half with a horizontal parting.
  • Curl the lower part of the curls and brush your fingers. Simultaneously, curls and roots sprinkle with varnish. Curls fasten to the base.
  • Curl the upper part in the same way, fix it to the base and spray the varnish.
  • Left temporal area. The hair is divided into two parts. The lower part is screwed onto the curling iron. The result is two locks.
  • Attach these curls to the beam and treat with varnish. Then envy the upper left temporal region, and attach to the bundle. Reapply varnish.
  • With the right zone at the temple to do the same. True, divided into three parts, because the bangs more from this side.

Regardless of the chosen option, you will look better than just with flowing hair.

Christmas hairstyles with their own hands

On the eve of the New Year's celebration, girls are experimenting with festive clothing, makeup and hair, making shugaring at home and clay masks. Some go to a beauty salon, others do all the procedures with their own hands.

I propose to consider several options, for the creation of which does not require a high level of skill. The main desire and a little imagination.

Silver rain

  1. Hair wash, dry, lift, slightly combed strand around the forehead and fasten with a barrette at the top.
  2. Cut the rain, which decorate the tree, to match the length of the hair, and gently attach to the barrette.
  3. It remains to sprinkle hair with silver sparkles.

Video 3 holiday braids do it yourself

Hairstyle "Shrew"

Suitable for girls who wear short haircuts.

  1. Hair dryer to give volume.
  2. Apply a little shimmering gel on the palm and chaotically tangle your hair.
  3. Part of the strands neatly lay, the rest left in a disheveled state.

Silver curls

Suitable for girls with long curly hair.

  1. Hair wash and wind on curling iron or large curlers.
  2. Curls divided into separate strands and put a sparkling mousse chaotic movements.
  3. Take shadows or silvery sequins and sprinkle curls.
  4. It remains to be decorated with invisible or miniature hairpins. It is possible to make a parting of an oblique type.

Of course, hand-made hairstyles are simple and not abstruse. But, silver sparkles and accessories, combine well with the Christmas theme, completely mask this simplicity.

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If you can’t choose a specific option, rely on intuition.