Night City Lamp

The lamp "Night city" in the String Art technique.String Art(or "izonit") is the direction in needlework, which is based on nails and threads.String- translated from English as a string or rope, that is,String Artcan be translated from English as "the art of threads, strings". This is a very unusual and beautiful art -object that will decorate your interior. He is both a picture and a lamp. And for its manufacture does not require large expenditures on materials. So, we will need:
  • Knitting threads in 2 colors or floss.
  • Nails (absolutely any).
  • Board, the dimensions of which will be the dimensions of the future lamp (the thickness of the board should be about 15 mm or more).
  • Hot-melt glue.
  • Black aerosol enamel.
  • A garland with small LEDs that runs on batteries. The garland should not be very long (less than two meters).

Getting Started.

STEP 1. For start you need to prepare for the work of the board.We cut it out according to the size of the future lamp, process it with a file and sandpaper. And then we paint it from all sides in black (it can be in several layers).Night City Lamp
STEP 2. While the board is drying, choose the drawing of the city. To do this, just drive into any search engine: "SILHOUETTES OF THE CITY." Find a suitable picture and print it in the desired size.
Night City Lighting
Night City Lamp STEP 3. In the picture of the city along the contour we mark the places into which the nails will then be hammered. The distance between serifs should be approximately the same and not very small (from 1 cm). "style =" max- width: 100%; " alt="Night City Lamp"> STEP 4. When the board is completely dry, use a tape or tape to attach the drawing to the board.
Night City Lamp
Now you can hammer nails into the places that you marked in the picture. But you can do a little trick, which will further facilitate your nailing into the board. To do this you need a drill whose diameter will be less than the diameter of the nail.Now, the places that are marked in the figure are being drilled with this drill to the depth to which you wanted to hammer nails (this is necessary so that the nails are driven into the board easier and do not bend). Next in the drilled holes hammer nails. So, at what depth you will drive nails, decide for yourself. Personally, I left nails stuck at a distance of 15 mm from the board. And that all the nails were on the same level, it is necessary to cut out a card from the cardboard, the height of which will be the height, on which there will be hats of nails relative to the board. And now, when you hammer in nails, you will be able to check with this strip of cardboard. But first, carefully separate the paper with a pattern from the board. As soon as the nails on the contour of the picture are clogged, it will be necessary to hammer nails in the same way on the sides and on top of the board, so that the contour becomes closed.
Night City Lamp
STEP 5. Now we are starting to fill the contour with threads. First, take the thread of the color that will be the main. The end of the thread is fixed with hot glue under the head of any nail.Then we go through this contour with this color in order to mark the borders and not to get behind them.
Night City Lamp
STEP 6. After we have defined the boundaries, we begin in a chaotic order to move from one nail to another, thus filling the entire contour. When you find that the contour is sufficiently filled, carefully trim the thread and fix its end with a hot-melt adhesive at the nearest nail. To make the contour clearer, we take threads of a different color and pass them only along the contour.
Night City Lamp
STEP 7. Now we take the garland. As I said, it should not be very long. And gently push it inside the circuit so that the LEDs are not very close to each other. A switch can be attached using hot glue on the side or back of the board. Now, thanks to the LEDs, in the dark they will resemble stars in the night sky.