No more excuses! We deal with insta-trainers

We found another reason not to go to the fitness club. But do not even hope that you will be able to soak in your bed a little longer - we will be at home, and even more intensively than in the gym! Take out the mat, dumbbells, body bars and go to Instagram; there you are already waiting for virtual personal trainers who will help you learn new exercises and inspire sports records with videos.

"Fitness guru"

Tracy Anderson


Subscribers:more than 100 thousand

Motivating quote:

Winter blues? Want to sleep before lunch? All this is not an excuse for shirking. Do not even dream! Today, we need a replaceable T-shirt, we're going to sweat a lot!

Tracy Anderson needs no introduction, but if you haven’t yet heard about her, you’ll probably hang out over the photos of Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna, the famous owners of turned bodies. So, this is her job! And now thanks to Instagram, Anderson can be your personaltrainer: suggest how to work out the necessary muscles and form the perfect silhouette. Just do not subscribe to her page if you are not ready to train six times a week. This angel with a steel press does not give indulgence to anyone, even beginners!

I just gotta say thanks. Hair tools that are cool and effective are our workout friends!

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Fall feeling. Holiday weekend. Heat broken. Skip workout ?? Nah team huddle, extra shirt and jump harder! Thank you Watermill for warmin it up with me !!! Ya did SUPER!

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You can always get better.

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"Best Yoga on Instagram"

Rachel braten


Subscribers:more than 1 million

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It’s boring to study at home on a rug, then find a place that inspires you. I like to practice asana on the pier and dive into the crystal clear water immediately after completing the exercises.

Rachel Braten knows what she says: she teaches yoga master classes on the sunny Caribbean island of Aruba, training her body and spirit against the backdrop of greener landscapes. Here she demonstrates the "dog snouting down" on the sandy beach, becomes a warrior on the surfboard (by the way, she was the first one to teach yoga on the water surface!) Or meditating in her arms against the sunset. In addition, Rachel is the only trainer who has mastered the Hyperlapse application,therefore, it easily demonstrates long complexes under optimistic compositions, accompanying videos with motivators like: “Today is all we have, use every minute.” Well, you still do not expand the mat?

Sand-salt-sea-surf-sunshine! I'm a mermaid at heart ... ... #love #islandsupytt @islandsup #surf #beach #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #yogagirlbook #sand #sun #sunshine #inspiration

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Sweat once a day! Y #yogaeverydamnday #practice #move #fitness #sweat #life #inspiration #love #dog #smile #happy

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And I hope you like jammin 'too ... 🎶☺️🌴☀️🐬 #surf @bogayoga #bogayoga #sup #supyoga #yoga #extreme #yogaeverydamnday #ocean #bikini #fitness #inspiration #surfboard #paradise

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"Best pop on Instagram"

Jan selter


Subscribers:more than 4.5 million, including Beyonce

Motivating quote:

Think positive, eat only healthy food, play sports, do not worry about trifles, work hard and get enough sleep. Is not it simple rules? Remember? Now repeat and change your life.

Buttock muscles pump long and hard, need a role model. Jennifer Lopez or Nikki Minaj? Come on, the owner of the most spectacular buttocks today is 21-year-old Jen Selter from New York. A fan of a healthy lifestyle in an instant turned into an Instagram star thanks to inspiring fitness lessons, as well as the hashtag #belfies (butt selfies - buttocks, which she has such an outstanding form that it is better to see once!).Every day, Jen puts on his page more and more new photos of classes, great reasoning for us to start January, if not from the frost runs, then from deep squats and swinging legs from the lying position in the gym. So that by the spring, too, with pride to sign a photo #belfies!

No gym? No problem! Outdoor workouts😃 #BootyWork #Seltering #NoExcuses #ImaFrog @squatspo

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Mountain climber on treadmill. Great for your core. 💪

A video posted by Jen Selter (@jenselter) onOct 14, 2013 at 9:29 am PDT

A video posted by Jen Selter (@jenselter)onOct 13, 2013 at 4:55 pm PDT

"Role model"

Tina Kandelaki


Subscribers:more than 640 thousand

Motivating quote:

Need to sleep less. I know that it is useful, important, necessary, but only after charging a sport can you begin to capture the world

If someone does not give you a descent, it's SoldierJayne Tina Kandelaki, who calls herself a "sports maniac." After Saturday morning's phrase “As long as you let your sweet folds sleep, I’m already training in the gym” the last thing I want is to keep hugging my pillow! Words TV presenter accompanies actions (more precisely, "sports torture"): power training on simulators, swings with dumbbells weighing 16 kilos, boxing (# nadochreznehochu), exercises for the legs, hands and buttocks (# качатькачатькачать). "It's harder to beat yourself, is not it?" Tina asks a rhetorical question, but we do not hear her anymore, we run to the fitness club,not to become "elephants".

Many people discuss my folds, successes, behavior, travel, work .. On health, if my life makes you a little more meaningful. I understand that for some people their own life is not interesting. Not everyone knows how to set goals. Great goals, not material, but spiritual, personal, which throughout our life force us to move forward. Living does not mean eating, sleeping, copulating and going to the toilet. Live means fight. With complexes, weaknesses, circumstances, with your own body and brain. In the end, with life itself, because it is the main rival. She can always change in response to your actions. If you can get a little better, this chance should not be missed. But, for this it is necessary to WILL! This is my main talent. I have ceased to hurry, break, I work on myself and will achieve what, perhaps, two years ago no one expected from me. I have desire, will, patience, and purpose. What and all I wish😉👍💪 # apostol #sport # goal # rules of living

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Good morning. Straight-machine for those who dream about twine😉 # sport # fitness #fitnes #kopernik

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If I had a second life, I would have given birth to 8 children, learned 5 languages, including Chinese, would travel around the world and play sports. But, since I have one life, so I have to give up something! Sport managed to shove into the must-to-do-list! Спорт # sport # fitness # copernicus #fitnes

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"The Best Ballet Lessons on Instagram"

Misty Copeland


Subscribers:more than 350 thousand

Motivating quote:

Feel free to body, which God gave you, improve it with the help of dance

Do you watch the Nutcracker ballet every Christmas? Then subscribe to the page of Misty Copeland, the first African American soloist of the American Ballet Theater. Watch as prima stretches the muscles before performing or shooting, no less fascinating sight than the "Black Swan" Darren Aronofsky. What is not an incentive to sign up for Body Ballet? You will not be able to practice ballet professionally, of course, but you will realize your childhood dream, make your buttocks, calves and hips elastic, and also form a beautiful posture and become graceful like a deer.

A video posted by Misty Copeland (@mistyonpointe) onOct 27, 2014 at 7:16 pm PDT

By @jamesbwhiteside via @RepostWhiz app: Practicing our "spins on one leg" for Bach Partita. 😜 @mistyonpointe #Ballet #PasDeDeux #Pirouettes #ABTFallSeason (#RepostWhiz app)

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"The best strength exercises in Instagram"

Messi Erias


Subscribers:more than 1.6 million

Motivating quote:

Do you think all the exercises are easy for me? Of course not! I have to overcome myself every day. There is no limit to perfection!

Messi Erias has made herself, and now she helps to hone her body and everyone. If you sign up, know that you will have to regularly engage not only in the fitness club, the whole city will gradually turn into a gym for you - from the stairs in the underpass to the bench in Gorky Park. Messi uses any opportunity for strength training and tries to squeeze the maximum. By the way, it easily lifts more than 100 kilograms, so if you are not going to become a wrestling star, we do not advise you to strive for the same results.

TAG A FRIEND FOR NEEDS TO LEARN PROPERTY FOR STIFF LEG DEADLIFT! It’s a funky way to make it. with never never never never Have a look at your hips and thighs. Backing and never letting those back rolls. Keep those abs tight at all times. If you’re a little bit different, you’ll be able to get a little bit more information. _________________________________ C O es es es es es! Para el reto visita @mankofit_challenge Entrenadores personales, y para todos ustedes, Si tienen problemas enseñándoles a sus clientes o ustedes mismos como hacer el ejercicio de peso muerto con piernas rígidas (stiff leg deadlifts) aquí está la manera de como enseño yo fácilmente a aprender la forma correcta! Usen una pared como ven aquí para cuelpo y asegurarse que la parte inferior del cuerpo se mantenga con la misma forma. Hombros retractados y la barra cerca de sus cuerpos como ven el el video! Usen un espejo para poder ver cada movimiento y con práctica en poco tiempo podrán hacerlo sin la pared !!!!! Para entrenamiento personalizado y guía de nutricion visiten #misbehave #Hijadecristo

A video posted by MankoFit 🇩🇴 (@ massy.arias) onOct 27, 2014 at 10:43 am PDT

TAG A FRIEND WHO YOU WANT TO CHALLENGE NOW !!!! Climb your age challenge ... SAY WHAT? Yeah! CHALLENGE: climb your age worth in floors ... well technically! How it works: EXAMPLE IN AGES 20 (multiply by 2) = 40 30 (multiply by 1.1) = 33 35 (multiply by .8) = 28 40 ( multiply by .5) = 20 (Average steps per floor are 10) If you’d like it, it’s possible to use it. Ready? (I am doing 45 mins in total) no matter how many floors) For personalized training programs go to #misbehave #Godschild _________________________________ MENCIONA A UNI AMIGO / AL QUE QUIERAS RETAR AHORA! Escala tus años en escaleras! QUE QUE ????? RETO: subir tu edad en escalones..bueno, técnicamente aunque iremos por edad. Mientras ma joven eres más trabajo. Las Reglas: EJEMPLO POR EDAD 20 (múltipla por 2) = 40 30 (múltipla por 1.1) = 33 35 (múltipla por .8) = 28 40 (múltipla por .5) = 20 (El Average de escalones por piso son 10) CUANDO TERMINEN LOS ESCALONES ABRA UNA OPCIÓN DE HACER EL SENTADILLAS SIN PESO (si hiciste 40 pues termina con 40 sentadillas). Leafos? Yo haré 45 mins en total sin importar el número de pisos. Para servicio a de entranamiento personalizados ir a #misbehave #hijadecristo

A video posted by MankoFit 🇩🇴 (@ massy.arias) onOct 14, 2014 at 11:51 am PDT

TAG A FRIEND WHO YOU WANT TO CHALLENGE. It is a step to make a push up. If you are a beginner. Back your abs. SQUEEZE THOSE COCONUTS AT THE TOP. Challenge: Beginners: 8 sets until fatigue. Intermidiate: 10 sets 5 reps on each side. Expert: 10 sets of 10 reps on each side. Finish off: 20 mins post cardio (your choice of any machine including jogging, stairs, jump rope at home) Ready? LETS GO! #misbehave #Godschild ________________________________ El Reto de pechadas asistidas con elevation para los cocos 😂😁💪 MENCIONA A UN AMIGO QUE QUIERAS RETAR! Nota: mintras más elevada sea la superficie o banco que utilizan para hacer las pechadas, más fácil les será. Si eres principiante usa una plataforma más elevada. Mantengan una espalda neutral para trabajar los abdominales. Para la elevación de pierna recuerda de apretar esos cocos fuertemente al llegar arriba. Reto: Principiante: 8 series hasta fatigarte no importa si es dos repeticiones. Intermedio: 10 series de 5 repeticiones pierna. Experto: 10 series de 10 repeticiones por pierna. Terminen con 20 mins de cardio de suprerencia (incluyendo salto de cuerda, trotar, escaleras desde casa) Listos? DALE! #misbehave #hijadecristo

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"The best fitness exercises in Instagram"

Natalie Gil


Subscribers:more than 420 thousand

Motivating quote:

Doing a flat tummy, who is with me?

A California dietician and nutritionist promises to make us "a perfect copy of ourselves." Training she accompanies with fitness programs for weight loss, healthy recipes and motivational pictures like animated cups and the words “Even your coffee is proud that you started exercising so early.” Natalie will not let you get bored at all: she alternates with short-distance running, cardiovascular and push-ups on the rings - short and effective.In addition, arranges exercise days on separate parts of the body, for example, on the legs. Tie your shoelaces - and we start!

A video posted by NATALIE JILL (@nataliejillfit) onNov 2, 2014 at 12:13 pm PST

Do you ever workout with stability balls? They are amazingly challenging your muscles. Trying to add a stability ball to any body weight exercise you would have done without and feel the difference! It can be intense. Use your CORE to gain control.