Original ideas for the dacha fence: for the joy of yourself - the envy of the neighbors

Original fences can look original and unpredictable. In addition to the aesthetic component, they perform a protective function and hide the site from the curious. Ideas for creating a fence can be any number. Taking into account the preferences of the owners, the terrain, and even relationships with neighbors. Sometimes fences are the subject of admiration and perform the function of decoration. On the suburban areas grow designer fences of wood and straw, wood and gabions. Here you can find vertical flowerbeds and hedges, carved picket fence, wicker, bottle fences or concrete structures with glass inserts. If you want to make a fence of your own you can always. You can even give old functionality a hedge. It is not necessary to copy one to one that has already been invented by someone.It is enough to take what he saw as a basis and create your own design fence like no other.