Oscar -2016: with a victory, Leo!

Well, everything, it happened, DiCaprio received a deserved statuette. Beautiful Julianne Moore called the name Leo, he ran out, the room stood up. It all happened as it should, only maybe ten years later.

In a thank-you speech, Leonardo DiCaprio, who had previously been nominated for an Oscar five times, thanked his partner in The Survivor Tom Hardy (he beamed), thanked the entire team, director Inarritu, Oscar rivals, Martin Scorsese, parents (mom, of course, was in the hall), friends and paid attention to the problem of global warming.

"Thank you!": Leonardo DiCaprio wins his first#Oscarfor 'The Revenant.'https://t.co/vG5LjQdCo9#Oscarshttps://t.co/dYeQuRKiJ8

- ABC News (@ABC)February 29, 2016

Kate Winslet cries after Leonardo DiCaprio wins his first#Oscarfor 'The Revenant'#Oscarshttps://t.co/u9el38gpVGpic.twitter.com/46OREB827A

- ABC News (@ABC)February 29, 2016

It’s good that Oscar -2016 will be remembered not only by the scandals around discrimination of black filmmakers, but also by the victory of DiCaprio. What a lovely day! - as exclaimed the character of the most densely nominated film Mad Max: Road of Fury.

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Oscar -2016: with a victory, Leo!About other nominations.

Oscar for Best Actress awarded the Brie Larson for his role in the movie "Room".

Her rivals Kate Blanchett (Carol), Jennifer Lawrence (Joy), Charlotte Rampling (45 years old) and Sirsha Ronan (Brooklyn). Brie, 26, said it was a great honor for her to receive this award and work in a movie of this level. Oscar is getting younger, fresh blood is being poured into it. It is especially pleasant that the award for the best female role of Brie was presented by the winner of last year's Oscar, a transforming actor Eddie Redmayne.

Relive@brielarson's best actress#Oscarsacceptance speech presented by@SamsungMobileUS.https://t.co/eaXbDmI9pB

- ABC Network (@ABCNetwork)February 29, 2016

Brie before the Oscar received a heap of awards, including the Golden Globe. If, having looked “Room” (we highly recommend to watch with subtitles), you will want to see Bree still in some main role (there are not many of them at the actress), feel free to choose 2013 “Short term 12” indiram.

The main film of the year announced the film project "The Spotlight" by Thomas McCarthy.

In total, the tape had six nominations. The award of the most important award of the evening seemed almost obvious. This is not an entertaining, conversational, slow, disturbing picture about the confrontation between the press and the church. Four journalists (Michael Keaton, Mark Ruffalo, Rachel McAdams and Brian D'Arsi James) are assigned to investigate a case of harassment of a Boston priest in relation to minors.The film was excellent from the point of view of cinematography, but also impeccable, if we take freedom of speech as a criterion.

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The best supporting actor was Briton Mark Rylance, who played the Soviet agent in Steven Spielberg's “Spy Bridge”.

Remember how a lawyer (Tom Hanks) always asked a spy by Ryloans: “Don't you worry at all?” And he replied with a grin: “Does that help?” Mark Ryloans's hero gave us a great example of how to keep with dignity in any situations.

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Best Supporting Actress - Alicia Vikander, who played in the "Girl from Denmark" artist, along with her husband (Eddie Redmain) survived his transsexuality.

Wikander is not just sexy and funny, as one might think, having watched “ANN.C. agents”, she has a deep dramatic talent, and she has already managed to show it in the Hotel film (2013), for example.

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The best director was Alejandro González Inarritu (the second year in a row) for the film attraction "Survivor".

Operator Emmanuel Lyubetsky, who worked on this picture, also received a well-deserved reward.We all remember his flying camera and breathtaking panoramas!

Photo posted by Alejandro González Iñárritu (@alejandroginarritu)Feb 28 2016 at 10:25 PST

Mad Max: Fury Road, nominated ten times (!), Won seven awards.

George Miller's tape with a phenomenal, almost the best in the history of cinema pursuit such victories: "The best design of costumes", "The best makeup and hairstyles", "The best production designer", "The best installation", "The best installation of sound", "The best sound reduction", "The best production designer".

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Victories in other nominations are as follows:

  • “The Best Composer” - Ennio Morricone, “The Abominable Eight”;
  • "The best film in a foreign language" - "Son of Saul";
  • “Best Original Screenplay” - Josh Singer, Tom McCarthy, “Spotlight”;
  • "The Best Adapted Scenario" - Charles Randolph, Adam McKay, "The game for the slide";
  • "The best visual effects" - "Out of the car";
  • "The best animated film" - "Puzzle";
  • “Best Documentary” - “Amy”;
  • “Best Short Film” - Stutterer;
  • “Best Short Documentary” - A Girl In The River;
  • “The Best Short Animated Film” - “Bear Story”;
  • “Best Song:“ 007: SPECTRUM ”- Writing’s On The Wall.