Is our family jinxed or not?

After in our house the cow died after calving. We started having problems in the family, we sore ourselves with my husband over trifles, often a headache, constantly feeling sleepy, my back hurts before all this! ) Catherine 23 years old, husband Valery 32 years
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And why does anyone need this? Do you have detractors? In any case, the evil eye is not associated with the death of a cow after calving. I think that everything is much more prosaic. The cow was old or weak, her health could not bear the birth - she died. The fact that you are quarreling - such moments and even periods occur in many families, this is temporary if you seek mutual understanding. The head may hurt because of quarrels and bad relationships, and still be a symptom of some disease. Drowsiness - the result of fatigue, lack of sleep, avitaminosis spring. Back pain - something with a back, perhaps a disease. I advise you to talk to your husband normally, resolve all misunderstandings and make an appointment with a therapist.
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I support you, you need to see a therapist.