How do condoms

How do condoms Instruction Modern condoms are made of latex, which is obtained from rubber trees (hevea). Mostly these trees grow in Southeast Asia. Latex - frozen juice of these trees. Also, some condoms are made from a synthetic substitute - polyurethane material. At.

How to feel like a real woman

How to feel like a real woman Do we often ask the question: "Do I feel like a woman?" We understand a lot about ourselves as a careerist, daughter, mother, friend, but rarely remember our real destination - to be a woman in the.

We wallow and look: 5 new series of November-2017

We wallow and look: 5 new series of November-2017 Looking for something to see? Autumn serial boom continues! We picked up five nice new series that will start very soon. "She's Grace" Start: November 3 Only everyone looked "The Servant" in the book of.

What is metaphysics

What is metaphysics? Alisa Verbova August 14, 2012 Translated from the ancient Greek "metaphysics" means "what is after physics." So titled the Alexandrian philosopher Andronicus of Rhodes in the I century BC. a group of 14 texts of Aristotle, placing them in the collected.

How to be a good person

How to be a good person? In the harsh reality and in our wicked world, it is difficult to remain a good person. There are many ways and many definitions of how to be a good person, but still such a person is considered.

What makeup like men (part 3)

What makeup like men (part 3) to look at the catwalk photos with the guys, trying to find out if they like red lipstick, false eyelashes and other makeup tricks. And once again we are convinced that it is not necessary to devote the.

How to guess on the tarot cards

How to guess on the tarot cards? Not everyone is given to guessing on maps, you need a well-developed intuition and something else that nobody knows. But it’s so interesting to know what will happen, or at least what happened! And you can get.

What to bring from Turkey

What to bring from Turkey? Turkey is a country of tourism, the Black Sea, the sun, beaches and, of course, bazaars. In public markets there are apparently invisibly interesting souvenirs, sweets, decorations - in general, which is not there. True, along with really good.

What dreams give gifts

What dreams give gifts? Angelica Artemyeva August 7, 2012 A gift in a dream is often a symbol of a happy future. If you receive a gift, it means that you will soon have positive and happy changes in your personal life. This may.

Advise the game

Advise the game Advise an interesting computer game. There are 6 answers Julia Arsenina Answered on February 20, 2017 09:22 What games do you like? Genres? When I do not know what to play, I always look here. There are a lot of different.

How to choose titanium jewelry

How to choose titanium jewelry? Smooth products, unusual modulations, elegant and stylish forms. These are the first words that come in the form of titanium jewelry. Collections from natural material are famous for simplicity, durability and ease of products. Jewelers include titanium to male.

Why do not the messages open

Why do not the messages open? ������������������������������������ ����������������������������������������Julia Bukatova ������������������������������������ ��������������������������������������������March 16, 2015 Social network Odnoklassniki - the second most popular in our country. Many users face difficulties while communicating in this social network. Let's try to deal with one of the most common.

Backlight TV (Monitor) USB

Backlight TV (Monitor) USB Materials and tools: LEDs; resistors; usb cable; soldering iron; switch; glue gun; drill or dremel; wires; container for installing LEDs, in this case a metal can was used; paint. Step 1 Take a metal can and give it a more.

How to cook eggplant in a slow cooker

How to cook eggplant in a slow cooker? Anna Mikhailova August 31, 2014 Eggplant is suitable for cooking a variety of dishes in a slow cooker. They are not only fragrant and tasty, but also very healthy. How to cook eggplants in a slow.

How to get rid of black dots

How to get rid of black dots Instruction Get a tonic with salicylic acid, such tools are commercially available in a wide range. You can buy cleansing milk or lotion, foam. Such cosmetics contain substances that constrict pores. Wash at least twice a day.

How to make a subwoofer

How to make a subwoofer? Watch the video How to make a subwoofer? For a true music lover, listening to music through standard computer speakers is a terrible punishment. Everyone selects a good speaker system for themselves. But, besides the fact that this pleasure.

Be attentive to others

Be attentive to others You are attentive to the people around you Often, workplaces in the office are separated from each other only by a low thin partition. And although you and your colleagues do not see each other, but you can hear perfectly.

How to cook jelly

How to cook jelly? Leonid Veselov July 20, 2011 Watch the video How to cook jelly? Chicken is an indispensable attribute of the holiday table, especially in the age-old Russian traditions of cooking. To surprise your guests and find popularity among them, you can.

What do piglets dream about

What do piglets dream about? Anna Mikhailova March 25, 2015 Many, having seen piglets in a dream, think that something bad will happen in their life. However, they do not always foreshadow negative events. But how to find out what the piglets dream about?

How allergic to cats

How is cat allergy manifested? Galina Uneasy March 19, 2013 Allergy - a fairly common disease, because every fourth person suffers from its different types. Therefore, before you bring home a little fluffy ball, you should find out if you are allergic to cats.

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