Polymer Clay Slimer Reduction

Bringing Slimer out of polymer clay- a master class, we make our own hands from a polymer clay funny and funny bringing Slimer from the c / f "Ghostbusters."

Materials and tools:

  1. polymer clay is green, red, pink, white;
  2. toothpicks.

Step 1

First, let's make the head (base) of the ghost, make it in two parts. Take the polymer clay green, make it "pancakes" of different sizes and thicknesses, add the upper and lower parts of the base and add a "pancake" of pink color to both parts - this is the mouth (see the picture).

Now we will make indentations for the eyes and teeth with a toothpick. Connect the two halves of the base, leaving the mouth open.

Step 2

Into the indentations for the eyes, insert the eyes,made of yellow and red clay. Add eyebrows above the eyes.

We make teeth from white clay and insert into the grooves at the bottom, then make a tongue out of red and "insert" the upper row of teeth. Let's give the ghost a more "formidable look," drooping eyebrows.

Step 3

We add the finishing touches: we make and fasten to bringing the hand (green clay); we will make 2 slices of pizza (yellow and red clay), one of which is "bitten". Add slices of pizza to the tongue.

We bake a ghost in accordance with the instructions on the packaging of clay.Casting Slimeris ready.