Proper ear hygiene

To a person could fully understand the world around him, he was given several important organs - eyes, nose, mouth and ears. On the latter today and will be discussed. More precisely, about caring for them. After all, such seemingly simple and necessary procedures neglect many, and this leads to unpleasant consequences.

Your health is in your hands.

In addition to the fact that the ears are the organ that helps us to receive and process sounds, it is also partly responsible for the balance.

Each of us noticed that a certain substance accumulated in the ears, which may have an ointmenting texture, be in the form of dry films or waxy pieces. All this is sulfur. It is produced inside the ear canals and serves to moisturize and cleanse.

But when this substance accumulates in large quantities and is not removed in time, the situation can become complicated - traffic jams appear, hearing deteriorates, various bacterial infections join.

To avoid this, it is worth remembering how to properly care for your ears. The rules are very simple:

  • The first and most important is frequency. Of course, hygiene is important, but otolaryngologists warn - no need to carry out procedures daily. Sulfur is not a pollution, it is a natural substance that helps maintain the correct microflora. Its frequent removal is also fraught with unpleasant consequences.

The correct option is to clean the moves once a week. But the sink can be washed with water every day.

  • The second important point is the conditions. Doctors recommend cleaning during water procedures. Steam and warm water contribute to the softening of sulfur and its speedy release. Wash your ears with a finger dipped in water or a thin cotton swab.

With regard to the use of cotton swabs, then they can be used to clean curls and ear. But to carry out internal cleaning is strictly prohibited. All because the wand, instead of getting sulfur, pushes it deep into, and this contributes to the formation of traffic jams.

  • Additional means, such as ear candles or drops, can be used only after a doctor's prescription.

It is also worth noting that not only cleaning is important in the process of hygiene for adults.So, for example, constant loud and shrill sounds can cause hearing problems. But if you need to work in such conditions, it is important to wear headphones or use earplugs.

Music lovers need to remember that headphones can not only put additional strain on the organ, but also accumulate a large number of bacteria on their surface. Therefore, they need periodic disinfection.

Now let's talk about the children. Every parent must know how and when to clean the ears of their child. So:

  • Conventional cotton swabs - taboo. Small children are constantly spinning, and this can provoke a stick into the inside and damage to the eardrum. On sale there are special tools with limiters, which allow to remove sulfur only at the entrance to the channel.
  • Babies should be treated once a week, older children - 2-3 times a month.
  • After bathing, pay attention to whether there is water left in the ears. If necessary, remove residues with a cotton pad.

Care for the ears is very important. After all, these simple manipulations make it possible to protect themselves from a large number of diseases and problems. Be healthy!

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