Pros and cons of headphones for sleeping

If you can not fall asleep for a long time and toss in a bed, a modern and convenient device will come to the rescue - headphones for sleeping. Find out if it's worth buying them, and also how to choose such an unusual accessory.

Who are headphones for sleeping?

Headphones for sleep - a device designed to listen to music in bed, that is, in a horizontal position. And they differ from ordinary models in that they do not interfere and do not create discomfort, even if a person lies. These headphones appeared relatively recently, but have already become popular.

The device is suitable for all those who can not relax in the evening or are accustomed to fall asleep under your favorite music. Listening to songs without headphones is not always possible: for example, if there are other people in the room, sounds can disturb them.

Also, the device is useful in cases where it is impossible to get away from the noise (the highway outside the window, riding in a train or other transport). The accessory will help to relax, get rid of insomnia,to abstract from external stimuli, forget about the problems with the help of your favorite music and just get pleasant emotions from listening before bedtime.

Pros and cons

Should I buy headphones for sleeping? To understand whether you need such an accessory, first consider its advantages and disadvantages. You should start with the pros:

  • The opportunity to enjoy your favorite music before bedtime.
  • Lack of discomfort due to interfering parts of the device, such as an arc squeezing head, excessively large falling out of the auricles or constantly slipping headphones.
  • Headphones for sleeping can be used for other purposes, for example, for relaxing during work, for playing sports, training, cleaning, driving in any transport, and so on. If you like to listen to music and often do, then this accessory will definitely come in handy and will be used for its intended purpose.
  • The most comfortable and ergonomic design. Wearing headphones for sleeping, you literally immediately stop feeling them due to the special design, designed specifically for use at night and in a supine position.
  • Most models are securely fixed on the ears.So the risks of falling or slipping of headphones are minimal, even if you sleep restlessly and toss and turn.

Now consider the cons:

  • Relatively high price. Headphones for sleeping are often more expensive than usual.
  • These headphones have some contraindications, which include diseases of the ear, damage to the eardrums and sulfur plugs. To a greater extent, they extend to models completely placed in the auricles, since they can provoke the penetration of pathogenic microorganisms, as well as the pushing of sulfur deep into the ear canals.
  • If you listen to music at maximum volume, it can lead to hearing loss.
  • There is a risk of addiction. In other words, if you get used to constantly falling asleep to the music, but you just cannot fall asleep without it, which can create a lot of problems and difficulties.


Consider the main types of existing sleep headphones:

  1. Headphones with an occipital arch. Since the connecting part will be located on the back of the head, without touching the head, the probability of discomfort will decrease. But still, in some cases, discomfort may arise, because the design assumes the presence of rigid elements that are in close proximity to the body.
  2. Headbands in the form of a bandage resemble a similar sports accessory, but are equipped with special pockets in which earphones can be placed. The latter have a flat shape and practically do not protrude, which is very convenient during sleep. A soft and elastic bandage securely fixes the device on the head, without squeezing it.
  3. Headphones with ear hooks. In this model, each speaker has a fastener in the form of an arc that encircles the auricle. Headphones do not fall out for sure, but they can still cause discomfort if you sleep on your side for a long time (the bulging elements will put pressure on the head areas located behind the ears).

How to make a choice?

When choosing headphones for sleep should be guided by the following criteria:

  • Main characteristics. They are listed in the technical description of the device, and the most important are the maximum volume level, power, as well as the length of the cord.
  • Carefully analyze the headphones themselves. First, they must fit snugly and securely fixed. Secondly, they should not cause discomfort. To avoid it, you should choose soft headphones that take the form of the auricle and do not have a mechanical effect on it.
  • Design.Some headphones for sleeping, made in the form of bandages, cover not only the ears, but also the eyes, which is sometimes very convenient, useful and necessary.
  • Additional functions. On sale there are convenient wireless headphones, which can be connected to various devices using Bluetooth technology. And it is very convenient, because you do not have to constantly connect and unravel the wire, it will not twist around your neck or head during a restless sleep. Another useful feature is the ability to automatically shut off. To prevent music from playing all night, you can set a timer that will turn off the device after a certain time.
  • Comfort. If possible, be sure to try on headphones before purchasing to evaluate your feelings and see if the device will be comfortable to use.

To sleep soundly and enjoy your favorite music even at night, get headphones for sleep. Now you can choose the appropriate option.

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