Pros and cons of the New Year in Budapest

Each country has its own traditions of holding certain holidays. And especially popular and meaningful is, of course, the New Year. And how is it celebrated in Budapest?

New Year in Budapest: what is it?

New Year in Budapest is a very fun and noisy holiday. Although Hungary is a predominantly Catholic country, almost all residents remember and respect this date. And if Christmas is considered to be a special day, which is held in the circle of relatives and families, then the beginning of the year is celebrated in a completely different way: noisy, fun, crowded and diverse. So it was and always will be: and ten years ago, and in the long-coming 2016, and in 2017 and in the present far 2018 year.

It should be noted that the date of celebration of the beginning of the year in the Catholic calendar coincides with the day of St. Sylvestre, and therefore often the holiday is called Sylvester.

Celebration features

How to celebrate New Year in such a wonderful city like Budapest? Fun, noisy and interesting.Unlike Christmas, which all Catholics spend with their families, the beginning of the year is considered to be a universal celebration, and it should gather all the inhabitants of the city and become a reason for unrestrained merriment.

Traditions of celebration have their roots in ancient times and are associated with ancient pagan rituals and beliefs. So, it was believed that on this night all the "evil" is activated. And you can frighten it off with noise and positive emotions, so for a long time mass celebrations with songs, dances, fires and fireworks have been organized.

Where to celebrate the New Year?

Where to go tourist in the New Year's Eve? Almost everyone who was on holidays in the capital of Hungary, declare that it is best to start the year on the street, because it is here that gather locals and visitors. It is here that all the fun is concentrated, which will certainly lift your spirits and force you to join the movement of the crowd, join it and dissolve, releasing all your emotions and opening up new impressions.

To fully experience the atmosphere of the holiday, it is worth going to places such as Heroes' Square, Andrassy Avenue, Danube Embankment, Nyugati Square, Vaci utca Street, Vörösmarty Square and others. In general, feel free to go where there are a lot of people and you can hear cheerful voices.

What happens in Budapest for the holiday?

Locals and tourists are incredibly lucky, because they expect a great, bright and rich New Year program. On the streets on this night, souvenir shops, which sell festive attributes. You can also see an interesting performance or performance of some artist. And not one merry company will offer you to join the celebration. The highlight of the celebration is usually a stunning firework that illuminates the Danube and is visible to all residents and visitors to the city.

New Year's table

Treats served to the New Year's table also reflect ancient traditions. Here are the dishes that are considered the most popular on this holiday:

  • Lentils This seemingly simple dish is one of the must, since it symbolizes financial well-being and wealth.
  • Pork sausages and fried piglets on the spit are symbols of luck. Anyone who eats such dishes next year will certainly be successful.
  • On the table you can see the rabbit. And if you try it, then all the troubles will run away as fast as this beast.
  • Traditional dishes are cabbage rolls and soup, reminiscent of the culinary traditions of Hungary.
  • Many cook jelly.
  • On New Year's Eve, almost everyone drinks champagne, which is considered a traditional festive drink.
  • No less popular is another rum-based drink with the addition of many other very different ingredients - krammpuli. And its use has become a real ritual and an indispensable component of many festivities.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of the New Year in Budapest:

  • New Year in Budapest is very beautiful! This city is also beautiful on ordinary days, but on holidays it is transformed and replete with bright garlands, flashing lights and other decorations. And all the main streets are beautiful, so you can appreciate the magnificence of almost anywhere.
  • A rich program will definitely not let you get bored, you will be able to see a lot of interesting things: performances, performances of artists, chic fireworks and much more.
  • On this holiday, the whole Budapest is immersed in fun, and it reigns everywhere, infecting everyone with a positive. Therefore, people are friendly and welcoming, they will gladly help you and offer to share the joy of the coming of the next year.
  • You can immerse yourself in the amazing atmosphere typical of European countries.And Hungary is a beautiful state with a rich history, so even at the usual time there is something to see.
  • On the New Year holidays in this city comes a lot of tourists, so that, going out on the street, you can make interesting, useful or even fateful acquaintances.
  • You will get new impressions and remember this New Year forever. And it is worth coming here only for the sake of it.


  • A significant disadvantage may be the weather. And although the climate is rather mild, and winter is not very cold, problems may arise. Frosts come here rarely, but the thaw is a rather frequent phenomenon. And since the amount of precipitation can be significant, then, firstly, an increase in temperature can lead to ice. Secondly, even in the middle of winter in Hungary, it may well rain, but this is not very pleasant.
  • If you decide to go to some restaurant or bar in the midst of New Year's festivities to warm up, refresh and relax, then you probably will not succeed. In the Capital of Hungary these days there are a lot of tourists, therefore places in such places may not be enough, especially in the central part of the city, where all the fun is concentrated.
  • The disadvantages include quite high prices. Hungary is a fairly developed European country, and the standard of living is appropriate here. So if you are a budget tourist, you may face financial problems. And if you consider that on the New Year prices are even higher, then your spending will be significant.

Useful tips for tourists

Some recommendations for those who decided to celebrate New Year in Budapest:

  1. To the vagaries of the weather did not take you by surprise, firstly, wear comfortable shoes on a flat non-slip sole, and secondly, take an umbrella or a raincoat with you. And it is also advisable to dress warmly, because frosts can also spoil the mood.
  2. If you plan to go to a restaurant, then it is better to reserve a table in advance, so you probably have enough space. Although, if luck smiles at you, then there will be no problems with this. But in bad weather, you can be left with nothing, so it’s better to pre-think everything and plan for it.
  3. Although the crime rate in Budapest is low, and on holidays the police control the situation on the streets of the city, it is advisable to safely hide documents and money to avoid becoming victims of thieves or their own carelessness or forgetfulness.

If you decide to celebrate New Year in Budapest, it remains only to wish pleasant and unforgettable impressions.

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